All personally identifying information on this site discovered utilizing resources readily available to the general public. All publicly-obtainable court documents, media reports, and any content of similar nature, provided herein or linked to were pre-published elsewhere by parties other than myself. General images along with my personal photographs are garnered via publicly accessible sources through legal means. The purpose for republishing or otherwise publicizing the information is simply to support the content contained herein.


50-50 I Come Up With The List, You Come Up With The Title

  • If Paul Best were an informant he wouldnt work for JADE.
  • Jon McKay has a red RAM 2500.
  • Jon Seitz carries a blue lunchbox.
  • Granville Fields middle name begins with Q.
  • John Stoltz often parks his Charger in front of eloise.
  • Joe Hatter drives the JADE van home sometimes.
  • Brian ODonnell doesn’t do street stuff.
  • Don Campbell is an active participant in Task Force drug raids.
  • Jimmy Bunch uses a leg holster.
  • John Baber wears New Balance brand tennis shoes.
  • Joe Fleming buys coffee at Starbucks.
  • I swapped the pseudonyms formerly in these bullet lists to real names because of Google.


This entry is a test of the Emergency Oddcasting System. The producer developed this test to keep search engines informed of regularly updated content relevant to the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement (JADE) Task Force. This is only a test.

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This concludes this test of the Emergency Oddcasting System.



On the table:

Abolishing the pseudonyms on I HeArTE JADE and fully revoking my self-imposed “no outing” guideline.

A refresher:

Main reason I started using the fictitious names was because I didn’t know the true names of the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement members. Continued to refer to the Task Force Officers by the nicks I gave them because, for one, believed the men worked JADE covertly and didn’t want to compromise that and, secondarily, got kinda used to -- and liked -- the monikers.

Recent thoughts:

Now I know who they are.

None of them work undercover.

All but one of them is listed by name in connection with JADE in public documents.

How silly is it to keep calling a 40-something-year-old policeman Porn Star, or Longhead?

Then again, their informants and investigations have goofesque names too.

The hang-up:

Weird mixture of aliases and actual identities. Fine; weirder mixture. I can’t expose everyone. Such as, Jason Trent might not care that I use his name but my Law Enforcement guys (Hi Boomslang and JumpOut!) will slaughter me D-E-A-D if theirs are revealed. So maybe I’d have to come up with new fake names that sound real. Which seems… meh.

One more thing:

Legal names of ten out of the eleven TFOs can already be found on here somewhere if one puts effort into looking for them -- I’ve never expected anyone to bother doing that though.

In conclusion:

Ha! I don’t know.


gOOgle GaMeS

The aromaless rain shattered the ground. Narrow yard rivers created from skywater molded the grass into random shapes. It dried, remained that way. They grew -- the flowers, trees, the lawn. They pleaded to be breathed, climbed, laid on. Hands reached out to snap sunshine from the air. Eyelids lifted to look. Look! A sigh. It’s still stormy.

On another note:


What else would a Drug Enforcement guy do other than something hyper-cool, right?

Mouse goes down the road. I go down the road. Mouse goes down another road. I go down the ‘nother road too. Mouse ultimately turns into Birdwood. Me likewise, but I’ve eased back to give him an elongated plot of pavement.

A lot is coming up ahead on my right. I see Mouse’s minivan at rest in one of the rows. I also see the mysterious JADE man is watching my auto wheeling toward his. I don’t want to stop anywhere near him. Neither do I want to pass immediately back by him.

I nudge my coupe onwards and stop in an arced drive. There I get out and walk inside a building that has its door propped open.

From two young guys at a desk I ask for directions to a place I already know the location of. “I go left? At… where -- the gas station?” I waste approximately three minutes of life with this type of pseudo-ditzy nonsense. The boys beam at me when I thank them for being so helpful. I dally back to my car.

Pulling away I scope out Mouse’s vehicle again. He’s vacated it. I’m tempted to park but then what? I’m not sure I should go looking for him. Maybe he’s buying an 8-ball from some ghetto grub. I don’t want to mess that up.

I vamoose, vividly imagining Mouse is doing something hyper-cool.

I’ll find out later this is a trip he makes frequently and what he does here ain’t hyper-cool. For that matter, it can be summed up using one letter:

Zzz Zzz Zzz


I had a conversation with a suave Federal Agent whenever ago during which he, in rebuttal to my innocuous allegation that members of law enforcement never learn from their mistakes, cited a 1986 shootout that happened in Miami, Florida, involving the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I’d never heard of the event and I listened intently as my partner in dialogue gave me a compendious narration of the incident and asserted that the FBI had changed because of it. The gentleman further encouraged me to look into the story.

Ahhh, well, gee, if you insist

I read whatever I could find. Mainstream news reports, theoretical articles, commentary from both the Federal-Bureau-of-Insidiots types and the pro-FBI side, plus all 621 pages of the inquiry carried on by the Feds themselves. I’m like wonk²!

Should I ever get an opportunity to revisit the discussion with the man, I may have to confess to him that I was wrong about my previous conclusion. And thank him, because, from the exploration, I’m now armed with a fresh contention for us to verbally wrestle about.

Thing is, I dig this kind of junk. Throw in another interest of mine, JADE, and a fifteen-paged document like this is bliss².



(Kisses to JumpOut for directing me to that after he read this. Oh, and for the entry title which is also his.)


Lapsed News

June 2008
A 27-year-old Charlottesville man faces 40 years in prison and a $2 million fine after pleading guilty to conspiring to possess and distribute more than 500 grams of cocaine.

Renaldo Garcia Juarez on Tuesday pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Charlottesville, according to acting U.S. Attorney Julia C. Dudley. Juarez had also faced three counts of cocaine distribution.

Two other defendants in the same case have upcoming trials.

Arturo Miron Garcia, 24, and Julio Cesar Ruiz Ayala, 33, each face charges of conspiring to possess and distribute more than 500 grams of cocaine and one count of distributing five or more grams of cocaine.

If convicted, each man faces up to 60 years in prison and a $3 million fine.

The Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement task force arrested the men in March during a “buy/bust” operation in the 2300 block of Peyton Drive, near Albemarle High School.


Good Morning, Special Agent Trent!

My you’re here early. Can I get you a cuppa coffee -- a Biscotti, maybe?

I know you mentioned they have to pay you to read my site but since you’re not busy doing like real work, I feel now’s a good time to talk at you. Is it? A good time? ‘Cause, I mean, if you’d rather have ataraxis at the moment, I could always wait ‘til you come see me again mid-afternoon or evening. I can be patient; just ask Longhead.

Actually I think when we last spoke, you kind of alluded to us patching things up or something. No, not “us” you and me “us.” We’re fine. I think we are anyway. At least, I’m fine with you. I’m not positive if you’re fine with me. You may very well be mad at me because I keep putting your name, Jason Trent, on I HeArTE JADE -- even though you’re the one who said it was all right to. Just gimme the word and I’ll use Debonair Out-Of-The-Blue Caller (abbreviated to Blue, both for convenience and to match your shirt) instead. It might knock you and me off Google. Hmm... I was going somewhere with this, I know I was. Oh yeah, “us” being Longhead and me. Was that on the table, so to speak? Or am I reading too much into what you said?

Hey! Ya know what I burrowed up? A picture I took a while ago of that Taurus I pointed out to you in the VSP parking lot. I’d been on my way to meet Boomslang -- I don’t think you know who that is yet -- late one afternoon and I recognized the car, well, technically I remembered the plate number, from the SWAT vehicle-lineup and clicked a photo or twelve of it.

Care for a refill on that coffee? I do. Hold on a sec.

See, I spot these Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement or JADE-associated automobiles all over the place in my run-arounds and sometimes can’t help but capture them on camera. Like Pringle’s Altima:

Woooops! Let me try that again:

It’s doing a fine job holding down the concrete at the federal courthouse, eh?

Before I forget, how long are you going to be on this case? Surely you won’t be coming here twenty, thirty, times a day, five days a week, forever and forever. I just assume you have a schedule like one of the JADE Charlottesville detectives told me he has (Monday-Friday, most weekends off) but perhaps that’s an incorrect supposition. At any rate, since I’m not doing anything wrong, somewhere along the line someone’s going to have to pull the plug on this go-nowhere investigation of yours. The ominously-titled “JADE Task Force Command Group” possibly. That would make you happy, right? To get out of this? I want you to be happy. I’d miss you, of course. It was nice to for realiously meet the man who got the shlurk job of monitoring me for JADE. There I was, guessing if he was out there, all wondering who he might be. And now I’ve seen him. Those last two lines have every bit the potential to become part of a Disney movie, song, something.

Here I’ve chattered on and on and I bet you have to go, Mr. Trent. Okay, then. I’ll catch you later. If you feel you want to answer any of the questions in my prate, call me sometime.

Have a good one, sir.


Not-New News

June 12, 2008

The Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement task force arrested two men in Charlottesville on Wednesday in a “buy and bust” operation.

Just after 7 p.m., JADE officers, with help from the ATF and DEA, made the arrests in the 300 block of 10th Street Northwest.

The officers arrested Maurice Edgehill, a 28-year-old from New York City, and 51-year-old Murray Lee Hill of Charlottesville, according to Lt. Don Campbell with JADE.

Each man faces charges of distribution of cocaine and drug conspiracy.

JADE seized more than 200 grams of crack cocaine, a .380-caliber pistol and $33,680 in cash. The cocaine has an estimated street value of $40,000, according to Campbell.


Not-New News

December 6, 2005

Three Men Arrested for Drugs and Guns

Drugs and guns were found in a Charlottesville apartment and now the three suspects are behind bars.

The Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task force, or JADE, received complaints about possible weapons in this apartment building at Eagles Landing.

A search warrant was issued for 765 Denali Way and when JADE went to search the apartment yesterday three men who did not live there were caught with drugs and guns.

Quentin Bryant and Ronald White were charged with possession of a sawed off shotgun and Floyd Harris was charged with possession of cocaine and a firearm. Additional charges are still pending.


How I Learned The Real Name Of A Tagged TFO In Four Simple Steps

1) I went through recent and semi-recent court documents pertaining to Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement to find the names of anyone distinguished as an officer that could, potentially, currently be in the Task Force.

2) I searched local real estate and property tax records and quickly landed an address that matched a detective’s name from step one.

3) I used Google maps and got directions to the residence from step two.

4) I cruised by said house one sunny morn and recognized the flashy-ish vehicle parked outside as one belonging to a policeman I’d seen at the Ix property.

How did I know that guy was in law enforcement in the first place? That’s easy; he advertises it.

But honest-to-god he so was not the JADE member I was expecting to identify that day.


Did I Ever Tell You About The Time I Tried To SNEAK A Picture Of Two Cops Down At The JADE Office But FORGOT TO TURN THE FLASH OFF?

By playing with the Drug Task Force, I’ve learned a little bit about digital cameras over the past several months. Not just the operational aspects of the contraptions but also that there are benefits to having more than one type and discerning which of them best fits a situation.

Seems for highly surreptitious snap-shooting, those two-inch-sized keychain minis would be just the thing. They are indeed teeny. As are the photographs they take. I prefer huge, high-quality images, so more often I reach for my normal-scale camera instead -- coming up with spur-of-the-moment inventive ways to keep it concealed whilst capturing JADE activities has become almost a hobby within a hobby.

This is a nifty night vision camera. It does have one downside that, when it comes to my purposes with Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement, frequently renders it unusable. But considering most people probably wouldn’t run into the problem, I recommend it to anyone who’s looking for an in-darkness picture-taking device. Oh, oh, oh, and, while I’m on the subject, once I saw this, I couldn’t resist finding out if I could make one, and if it works. Yes, and yes!

For maybe the last few weeks -- starting prior to receiving this dumb thing -- I’ve been familiarizing myself with equipment that has superzoom features. Nearly every digital camera manufacturer these days offers at minimum one model of the sort. Think about it, when you can get a photograph like this:

Then one like this:

Without taking even a single footstep forward? That’s pretty dang amazing!

And By The Way...

The Beater has returned!

The Irish Are A Fair People; They Never Speak Well Of One Another.

Up until the day I got the minacious phone call from FBI Special Agent Lamb, I continued to believe Longhead’s long-term promises to me that he would answer the questions I’d accumulated throughout the investigation that caused our meeting. The riveting and edgy Charlottesville detective assured me time and time again that all I had to do was be patient until the case was over and he’d talk about whatnot specifics. When the gullible twit that is me finally realized and (crushed) accepted Longhead wasn’t going to keep his word, I decided to get the answers myself via other means.

I’ve repeated the story enough to know the one thing people wonder is: what were you going to ask him? I don’t recall that I’ve ever replied before but I will now, at least in part. Here’s a sample:

How long have you been doing narcotics?
How many other people do you work with?
They as old as you? Y’all get along?
Do you all have a lot of cases?
How long does it take to close them?
How often do you raid houses? Do you raid houses?
How many busts in a week or month?
Do you actually go undercover -- like in disguise?
Have you ever been shot at? Shot at anyone?

Let me guess, you’re thinking those quite possibly could win me the first prize blue ribbon in The Most Unexciting Elementary Inquiries Ever bake-off. I know! What would’ve been resolved in generally an extra hour of Longhead’s time spiraled into my going-on-nearly-a-year-now project. Once I got really started on it, I found out it was a lot of fun to learn about this stuff. I thought it would be challenging to figure it all out, and then I got to discover that most of the difficulties I faced were of my own oopsadazey making. But that’s neither here nor there.

It seriously punctures my pixie that these law enforcement agents are trying to browbeat me into abandoning my harmless avocation. I object to it much as I would if my hobby was hunting, or fishing, or softball, and they were attempting to force me into giving that up.


Lovin' The Lazin' On The Lawn!

I’m Throwing Caution To The Wind. And I’ve Got One Hell Of An Arm.

You may have noticed the recent addition of the newsprinty collage of the eleven Task Force men appearing on the right side of all the I HeArTE JADE pages.

In lieu of the facts that I’m the subject of an investigation, the recipient of now numerous threats, and the bearer of banishment from the Ix property, I feel being somewhat careful with the content here is no longer an issue. They’re gunnin’ ferocious for me; it’s not gonna matter much what I do or say nowadays.

Me: What’d you do?

Prisoner #01190227: I kilt muh babydaddy.

Me: What about you?

Prisoner #91122906: Beat my kid. You?

Me: I have a blog.


Feel -- Not In The Strict Sense

• Virginia State Police CBI Special Agent Trent and I conversed in person for precisely one hour. Near the beginning, Mr. Trent, in faux fairness, said he needed something to use against me wanted to get my “side” of the story. Even if you pretend I was the only one speaking the entire time, that’s a scrimpy sixty minutes I had in which, if I so desired (I didn’t), to change the guy’s nonsensical preformed opinion that I’m a homicidal basketcase concealing a Krakatoa and convince him I am instead a curiosity-consumed anomaly carting around a camera. Near the end, Investigator Trent nonchalantly enlightened me he’s literally spent weeks being influenced by his buddies about me meeting with the other “side.”

• Dasani was supposed to be the one to give me the No Trespassing order. That’s why he contacted me with his lunch invitation. Can you not just visualize me being ditched in some restaurant with the barment notice in one hand and the bill for my coffee and his doughnuts in the other?

• Supposedly there’s an image of an informant’s automobile (mixed in with others) somewhere on iHeArTEjade. I don’t deny it’s a possibility I’ve inadvertently put up a picture that included a cooperator’s car, however, due the extreme degree these law enforcement men have been dishonest with me already, I don’t believe it. Especially since when I stated to Agent Trent I’d remove it, he snorted and refused to tell me which photograph. So, to me, either they must not care that much about their snitches -- big surprise -- or they’re lying. If it really is here, I’d still very much like it not to be. In the meantime, remember there are 19.2 cavillion businesses other than JADE that parking lot is for. Assume the operator of the vehicle in question is eating dinner, watching a play, picking up a pack of cigarettes, getting a haircut, learning the results of an AIDS/HIV test…

• Outside the VA State Police office, Jason Trent posited a disconcerting question. It seemed like such a pertinent query you’d think he would’ve broached the subject when he was still recording our discussion instead of waiting until after he’d stopped. He was well aware I wasn’t preserving the discourse. To me, it was evident he only asked it, and with his audio device off, because he’s looking to find out if he has to cover it up. I hope he has the sense to know that if you don’t dig something up, you don’t have to rebury it.

• All in all I feel like the interaction…whoops, that reminds me. I used the word “feel” a few times over the course of our get-together and not a single instance didn’t the agent latch onto it as if I was on the edge of confessing to murder and he was going to aggravate me into blurting admission.

I would say something to the effect of: I put up what I feel like. Meaning, the entries I make on I HeArTE JADE stem from what’s on my mind that I think are relevant to write about.

But Mr. Trent was all: What you FEEL like? You FEEL mad at Longhead and that’s why you FEEL you have to put up a picture of his kids’ school. Isn’t that right? Right? RIGHT?

And then I’m thinking: Huh? What is he even talkin’ about? I bet he and Porn Star share the same psychiatrist.

It was easy to ignore his intentional provocation, given that never were his accusations based on facts. I felt he was doing it out of steep desperation and I feel sorry for him because he felt he had to stoop to using an outright transparent police tactic on me.

• Agent Trent declared frankly he did not want this case. According to him, he asked his superiors, on more than one occasion, why he was assigned it. The impression I got, judging by his comments and tone, is that he finds the whole thing boring and beneath him. I tend to agree. What I’m doing is going to be interesting to me alone and not an iota of it warrants a criminal investigation. By any lawman.


Following Cars Is So, Like, Yesterday; Today’s Trend Is All About Following Cases.

Absolutely I’d find all of them interesting but I don’t pay a great deal of attention to many of the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement cases once they make it to court. Can you imagine trying to keep up with the multiple multi-jurisdictional courtroom proceedings of eleven individual Task Force Officers? Oi Mi! I do stick with some though because this, that, or the other, cause me to and I want to know the end result of JADE’s actions. The “cause” may be watching a raid by Truck, Longhead, Dasani (if memory serves), and a SWAT team, on a rainy mid-December night. The “result” -- for the Black male who gets busted -- a sequence of six court dates over a duration of five months.

Datemarked News

September 2007

LSD doesn’t show up on the radar too often for the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement task force.

But JADE made a significant bust this week, according to a search warrant.

JADE officers executed the search warrant Wednesday in order to search property owned by Abraham Ankney, who they suspect of possessing LSD with the intent to distribute.
Once Ankney signed for the package at the Elliott location, the officer executing the warrant, Detective Jon Seitz, seized it, authorities said.

The entire JADE force was present for the bust, Sgt. Joe Hatter said.

Source (Message Board).


Datemarked News

April 29, 2008
The Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement task force conducted a "buy/bust operation" the morning of March 19 in the 2300 block of Peyton Drive that netted more than a half kilo of cocaine, according to authorities. The task force said the cocaine's estimated street worth was $56,000.

Sgt. John Baber of the task force said the "mid- to upper-level operation" was running for several months.


Datemarked News

July 25, 2006
Another huge drug bust in the area as authorities find 4,400 marijuana plants growing in southern Albemarle County.

Investigators with the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement task force said they haven't seen anything like this in their careers. Thousands of marijuana plants valued on the streets at almost $5 million were found in the backyard of a home on Blenheim Road in Scottsville yesterday.

"It's the largest bust I'm aware of in Albemarle County. It's really huge," said Sgt. John Baber of the Jade Task Force.


Ya’d Think They Caught Me On a Bridge With a POS Tec-9 and a Twitch

I got another two-page letter, this one from the “JADE Task Force Command Group,” handed to me directly by VSP Bureau of Criminal Investigation Special Agent Jason Trent. The content, albeit sterner, is evocative of communications past, complete with a warning about prosecution. It does have a minor new twist, the aroma of which has a distinct smell of burnt trousers. Both the document and the man informed me it will be the last caution I get.

So I’ve been deeply reflecting on it and I realize that since an arrest will cause me to immediately be thrown out of law school, not to mention ruin my fallback prospective career choice of becoming a police officer...

As if.

I am doing nothing illegal. Moreover, after all the horse manure they’ve previously shoveled into my yard it’s not unreasonable for me to believe this latest stuff of theirs is anything other than one more scoopful. Granted these points don’t automatically mean I’m untouchable. Word around the water cooler is JADE is a good bit ticked off I’ve embarrassed them.

That being said, should a significant amount of time go by without an update to I HeArTE JADE I can probably be found on this site. I’ll be the one charged with… okay, I don’t really know what they’ll charge me with -- they’ve never said. But I can guarantee it won’t be Trespassing.


Optical Allusion

I assume everyone has come across a trick of visual perception at least once. The idea is that the information the eye perceives and what the brain concludes after processing it is not objective reality. The following image is representative of an ambiguous illusion -- meaning the mind will teeter-totter between the alternative renditions.

Is it a pair of people, or a skull?

You actually may see only one or the other, or both, or neither (in that circumstance you should probably go see a doctor). Things like life experience, cultural difference, sex and age, will influence perception and as a result folks don't sense and comprehend ocular phenomena identically.

All of which leads to this:

Is it a house, or a flag?

The reason I ask is because I spoke to a man who apparently sees the former and, regardless of how many times or how long I stare at it, it sure looks like the latter to me.



Blakey Found Guilty of 2nd Degree Murder
Posted: May 7, 2009 10:41 PM
Updated: May 8, 2009 12:52 PM

Lamont Blakey was found guilty of second degree murder on the fourth day of his jury trial in Charlottesville.

Blakey stabbed 20-year old Joshua Gibson last September at Friendship Court.


Screen Play

Act I.

Law Enforcement lie to me, they confess they lie to me -- sometimes going so far as to brag about it -- then they expect me to take all else they say seriously. But how am I supposed to distinguish their lies from their truths, assuming -- and this is really a charitable stretch at this point -- that they’re even capable of being honest? Just the fact that I fell for any fibs they’ve told me at any given time is evidence that I’m clearly not able to tell the difference. Worse, I so desperately desire to believe in them I repeatedly overlook their reputation as deceitful I feel they’ve established.

It’s like swallowing a cupful of liquid because you want to trust the man giving it to you did not just pour it out of the huge open bottle with the skull and crossbones on it sitting on the counter next to him.

I recorded two telephone conversations I had with Virginia State Police Special Agent Jason Trent, but not the actual meeting that was arranged through the contact. I have no explanation really for why I didn’t, although there was some distant, hazy, thought wafting around in my mind that anyone in the shield-carrying community who says ma’am nine thousand times over a span of nine seconds is police-trained to the point of robotissism, not going to stray from pat phrases or predictable tactics, therefore pointless to record. Standard and rote. Snooze. Besides, he taped it.

He lured me up there with the pretense that he was investigating the activities of Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement. Ho, boy, he laid it on thick too. According to him he’d be showing me photographs and asking me if I’d seen JADE Task Force agents at certain places or with particular people, that sort of thing. He said he knew about my WS-100 and claimed he had no problem with me using it if we met but mentioned I wouldn’t be allowed to take pictures of anything he exhibited because it was “confidential.” Also secret was the name of the person who had sent him in my direction, and whomever had provided him with my cell phone number.

I thought it sounded mega-suspect but… -- this is the part where you revisit my container of poison reference above -- I Want To Believe! -- so I rang a couple of other members of Law Enforcement to feel them out about the oddities I picked up on. The first man told me that he would’ve said the opposite: you may take pictures, you may not audio record. He denied giving out my number to anyone. The second man echoed my thoughts: no images, no audio -- no way! He added that, since he’s “onto how inventive and resourceful” I can be, he wouldn’t let me around any physical pieces of classified information unless I was bare-fleshed and under the hawk-eyes of at least three other observers. Aw, ain’t that just the sweetest? He denied giving my number to anyone.

Still, rather than let go of my hope entirely (and seeing as how I would’ve met with him no matter what, coupled with something else I’m aware of), I went to the Virginia State Police office in Charlottesville on Thursday with an exactly one per cent. amount of optimism that I’d not been conned by Agent Trent.

Forget it. Being untruthful is a prerequisite for officers.

Within the first few of Mr. Trent’s sentences, I heard that I am the subject of what he’s working on for JADE.

So once the man spelled it out that he’d lied to me, I couldn’t be in denial about it anymore. What I could be, and was, was skeptical of every single syllable that Mr. Trent’s voicebox vibrated at me from then on out.

I guess I would describe the experience as akin to going to the theater. A movie, taken at face value, might or mightn’t be entertaining, but when you think further about it, it’s nothing more than the end result of scriptwriters and editors, tricks and special effects, actors and stuntmen. A show. Not real.

Later I may write about the specifics of my (not unpleasant) discussion with Mr. Trent, as or after I sort out the facts from the falsehoods. For example, one of the things Mr. Trent told me is that he’s been working on this case for one month. As yet, the earliest I can find him cast is seven weeks ago, appearing on set around the end of the third week of March.


I was literally on the edge of my seat, bouncing around with excitement, to be getting this:

It’s the equivalent of trying to use a can of Fix-A-Flat® on a tire you shredded across the highway six miles back. Plus somewhere in my audio depository is a conversation I had with Longhead in which he clearly states No Trespassing Orders are -- and I quote -- “meaningless.” Hmm… lest you are misconstruing, I’m not saying I’ll violate it, more like… no way am I going to give them the satisfaction of hooking me up on something so inadequate and hollow.

When I asked Virginia State Police Criminal Investigations Special Agent Jason Trent (formerly known as debonair out-of-the-blue caller) if he wanted me to redact his name from the document, he said that wouldn’t be necessary. When I next inquired if he minded me including his (already published elsewhere) picture, now then that idea he wasn’t much enthusiastic about.


Call Me Stupid

Recently I’ve talked to someone twice over the telephone, and twice my side of the conversation has flowed in a manner such that outvies Dasani’s cell-to-cell Arnie Grape impersonation with me. I don’t even really understand why but both times I uhmed and awhed and errr-welled my way through the exchange with the other party as if I’d slurped down a jug of Maladroit, no doubt giving the man that very impression of me yearses before disconnect.

I’m thinking, with these types of ring-ups, he who has all his, ah, ordure together in advance is potentially going to have the upper hand -- like I believe I had with Dasani and I’m certain my debonair out-of-the-blue caller had with me.

In my case with Dasani, though, I know he’s not a moron because I have a bursting supply of other means to judge him by. This new character whom I’m referring to doesn’t in effect have that with me. So when I meet with him (date already determined), he’ll probably expect me to be a sad reincarnation of Rosemary Kennedy.

What does any of this have to do with JADE? Uhm, awh, errr… well, I’ll have to get back to you on that.


I had a fellow ask me if the JADE notes I’ve periodically put up can be obtained via records available to the public; more specific, he wanted to know if local courthouses are where I’ve gotten them from. I guess it’s possible the scribbles of the Task Force Officers can be found there but that’s not how any of their jottings ever ended up with me. Having seen their occasional colorfully descriptive prose, I tend to think the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement lawmen take it for granted no one but them will set eyes on what they’ve handwritten -- they definitely neaten things up in their official reports. I’ve read enough of Porn Star’s typejobs to know it’s no wonder he looks down his nose at my compositions; he’s fairly the literate bast… ion.


If, as they say, Gangs and Drugs go hand in hand, it stands to reason that Gang Cops and Drug Cops do also, right?

Community to Hold Gang Prevention Forums in Charlottesville
Posted: April 26, 2009 10:08 PM
Updated: April 27, 2009 12:37 AM

A pair of community forums this week will focus on gang activity and how people can prevent gangs from reaching local kids.

Representatives from the Attorney General's office and the Albemarle-Charlottesville Gang Taskforce will lead the forums at Monticello High School. They'll discuss prevention strategies and signs of gangs in the community.

The forums are Monday and Tuesday and start at 6:30 p.m.