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Occupationally Mobile

Be assured my lack of updates on here is not a sign I’m inactive out there. I’ve merely been, as is said, broadening my horizons:

Glory Days indeed. Unlike Troopers ‘round these parts, West Virginia ones don’t seem to mind being photographed. Nor are they afraid to get their vehicles dirty.

Yessir, that’s definitely my idea of a pot o’ gold.

During my travels, I got pulled over by the most beautiful Virginia State policeman my eyes have ever beheld: Tpr. D. A. Dean, Jr.

If only he lived forty miles closer... we’d be banging at least once a day and twice on Sundays. Seriously. Anyhotness, he didn’t write me up for speeding -- ;) --, however he did issue a citation for “DEFECTIVE EQUIpment TAg LightS ouT” [sic] -- :(. My right brake bulb has been rather cantankerous lately. I could just pay the ticket immediately, except, really, how can I, of all people, be expected to not take advantage of ogling this particular Trooper again? Thus I will be going to Shenandoah General District Court (Traffic) in Woodstock, VA, on Mar 6, 2012, at 900AM.

Hopefully I’ll get some pictures of the guy so y’all can see I am not exaggerating how very attractive he is.

As for the obligatory I HeArTE JADE Task-Force-related content:

According to this snippet from The Hook, Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement uses GPS tracking. Well, nah! But I do wonder how that little info-share came about.

And NBC 29 News has this dull press release from the US Attorney’s Office, Western District; I haven’t read them yet, but I assume the comments from the peon gallery are much livelier.

As one can surmise, by this image below, neither have I abandoned the locals: