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I was literally on the edge of my seat, bouncing around with excitement, to be getting this:

It’s the equivalent of trying to use a can of Fix-A-Flat® on a tire you shredded across the highway six miles back. Plus somewhere in my audio depository is a conversation I had with Longhead in which he clearly states No Trespassing Orders are -- and I quote -- “meaningless.” Hmm… lest you are misconstruing, I’m not saying I’ll violate it, more like… no way am I going to give them the satisfaction of hooking me up on something so inadequate and hollow.

When I asked Virginia State Police Criminal Investigations Special Agent Jason Trent (formerly known as debonair out-of-the-blue caller) if he wanted me to redact his name from the document, he said that wouldn’t be necessary. When I next inquired if he minded me including his (already published elsewhere) picture, now then that idea he wasn’t much enthusiastic about.