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Face-Palm News

Albemarle man arrested after Craigslist-related marijuana bust 
November 2012 

The Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force took a Craigslist drug dealer offline on Monday. Police arrested Hunter Brown, 22, of Albemarle County, after he sold two ounces of marijuana to undercover members of the task force, authorities said Tuesday. 

"It was very surprising for us to see that somebody was advertising narcotics on Craigslist," said Sgt. Tim Aylor with the task force. "We’ve seen stolen property and prostitution rings there before, but nothing like this." 

A tip alerted investigators to a coded message containing drug references in the city’s section of the online hub for classifieds and community listings last week, Aylor said. 


Old New News

Fluvanna Jeweler Faces Numerous Drug Charges 
October 2012 

A Fluvanna County jeweler is facing eight different felony drug charges, accused of having painkillers in his possession and trying to distribute them near a school. 

Officers with the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement task force arrested 45-year-old Charley Kingrea in Charlottesville on Oct. 5. Kingrea owns CK Jewelers in Palmyra. 

Court documents show that on Oct. 5, Kingrea was arrested in Charlottesville on four felony drug charges. The charges included possessing painkillers, namely hydrocodone and oxycodone. Police say he had these drugs within 1,000 feet of a school. 

After his arrest, police also searched his home and business in Fluvanna County. In the search, they found a .357 Magnum pistol and numerous pills. 

On Monday, Kingrea was indicted in Fluvanna on two counts of possession with intent to distribute the pills, and also on two counts of firearm charges. Those charges are in addition to the ones he faces in Charlottesville. 

Kingrea's next court date is pending.


My New Crush

Hi Officer (name withheld -- for the time being, anyway)!

 I'm not sure if your interest in me derives from curiosity or challenge, but I am sure the guys and gals in your department would advise you against taking me on. They'd prolly suggest that, among other things, you should not unnecessarily conduct slow drive-by stare-downs of my motorcycle or look yourself up on I HeArTE JADE. They might point out that paying so much attention to me earned at least one member of Law Enforcement a sexy site of his very own. They may inform you that I thrive on ridiculing uppity lawmen. Even if you choose to disregard their counsel, let's be real, darlin', no matter what your intentions are, you can't possibly keep up with me. If you persist in this provocative behavior of yours, I'll have to assume it's because you want to become the next policeman I make fun of on here.


P.S. Tell your awesome Lieutenant I said "howdy."


Just Another Drug Epilogue

In a case closely watched by civil liberties groups and law enforcement, Philip Cobbs was found not guilty of possession of marijuana in a day-long jury trial. 

Cobbs, a 54-year-old who takes care of his elderly mother, was arrested last summer after a marijuana eradication helicopter flew over his southeastern Albemarle home and spotted two pot plants near his house. A team of approximately 10 law enforcement agents drove up bearing semi-automatic weapons and confiscated the illegal plants. A month later, he received a summons to court. 
Citing the lack of photographic evidence from police, which offered up one picture of two pot plants, but none of the deer netting and stakes they said surrounded the plants, Kerlin said, "I personally did not believe that the prosecution proved their case beyond a reasonable doubt."



I Wonder Just How Many People Still Remember...

Prosecutor says trial of man charged with killing 8 in Appomattox will be delayed

APPOMATTOX, Va. — A man charged with killing eight people at his Appomattox home will not go to trial next month as planned.

Appomattox County Commonwealth's Attorney Darrel Puckett tells the News & Advance that attorneys are still waiting for mental health exerts appointed in the case to submit their evaluations of Christopher Speight, whose trial had been set to begin June 11. A new trial date has not been set.

The 41-year-old Speight is charged with attempted capital murder of a Virginia State Police helicopter pilot and three counts of capital murder in the slayings of his sister, her husband and his niece and nephew in the home they shared. A neighborhood couple, their teenage daughter and a teenage friend were also found dead at Speight's home on Jan. 19, 2010.


The Local VSPmen Ain’t That Bad-Lookin’ Either

See ya next month, Trooper Michael Mayhew! ;)

JADE Be Prioritizin’

Less Pot:  
A resolution that would declare marijuana offenses the lowest law enforcement priority in the city of Charlottesville has been scheduled for an up-or-down vote at the next City Council meeting, according to city officials. [...]“I’ll continue to enforce the laws of the state of the Virginia,” said city police Lt. Don Campbell, who heads Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement (JADE), the regional narcotics task force. Campbell said JADE has never “targeted’ marijuana users, but the task force will continue to investigate and charge drug dealers, including those who sell marijuana. (More)  
More Bath Salts:  
Lois Lee McDaniel pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute and to distribute the controlled substance commonly referred to as bath salts. She faces a maximum possible penalty of 20 years in federal prison and/or a fine of up to $1,000,000. [...]  The investigation of the case was conducted by Jefferson Area Drug Task Force and the Drug Enforcement Administration. (More, plus details)


“Exclusive,” Eh?

How is it Newsplex can air a video showing more than half the members of JADE -- plus a few of their take-home vehicles -- with impunity? I put up stuff like that about the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force and I got arrested. I’m pretty sure CBS19 viewership exceeds mine; I’m also pretty sure Miss Jessica Jaglois didn’t even find herself on the receiving end of Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo’s “no, no” finger.



The Omen

Yesterday was my hearing date in Woodstock, VA, for the equipment citation bestowed upon me by handsome Virginia State Trooper D.A. Dean, Jr.

I departed my humble abode on March 6, 2012, at FIVE AM! First stop on this obscenely frigid twenty-five-degree morning? Local McDonalds. Didn’t seem decent to begin the trip without iced coffee, another of my favorite addictions. After my order was filled, I pulled into a parking space to assign my new GPS the address for Shenandoah Valley General District Court.

In my peripheral vision, I noticed a couple of men meandering around the fast food joint’s lot. Must be Ronald’s employees. No sooner had I reversed to leave, I realized the Garmin navigator was in night mode. Ugh. That makes me bonkers! For a quick adjustment, I sidled my auto out of the path of potential drive-thru customers and changed the setting. Why do those two guys keep looking at me? There’s only me and one other vehicle here, right? I glanced over at the latter: a large truck. Ohmigod. No way.

Nobody except me could unintentionally cross paths with the Virginia State Police Search & Recovery Dive Team, in Holeandcorner Town, before dawn’s early light, while en route to take on another member of their agency over a traffic ticket. ‘Twas a sign!

Million and a half miles later, I arrived on location an hour ahead of schedule. Hoping to crib a snapshot or twenty, I settled in a nifty spot at the end of the sole convenient street to the judicial building to watch for Trooper Dean’s arrival. A blue and gray cruiser eventually passed by, both occupants of the marked car blatantly staring at me. Well, it’s not like they don’t know what I drive. I assumed they’d also been forewarned about my penchant for toying with Law Enforcement. Happy happy happy. Joy joy joy.

Twenty minutes prior to the nine o’clock docket -- which my name was on -- I maneuvered my wheels between the double white lines and cut off the ignition. The policemen were nowhere to be seen; obviously they’d made a hurried exit from their transportation. Aww... too bad. Undeterred, I shot a few pictures of their ride.

Beyond the wooden doors, I sat and soaked up the scene. Aside from attorneys and lawboys, I was, as usual, the exclusive person wearing full courtroom-appropriate attire. Trooper Dean was standing on the officials’ side, near the judge’s bench; his squad car confrère, Trooper Backup, was seated on us peons’ side, in the last pew. I got a kick out of the notion that, due to moi, the delightful Dean felt compelled to lure some badged buddy into accompanying him. Reminded me of when a spiteful Trooper B. Long, battling me under his guise of “improper stopping on highway” rather than the reality of “how dare you take a photograph of a cop,” brought his pal Sgt. Bailey along to Bedford Court.

Back outside, I noticed another fellow with the State Police showing face. Prolly here for the ten o’clock docket. I added him and his 5227 to my memory card.

I did, via clandestine methods not worth mentioning at the moment, manage to capture on camera Trooper D.A. Dean Jr. However, since he’d testified he’d “cut me a break” by not charging me with speeding, I’ll cut him a break by not publishing his image. (You’re welcome, Officer.) Take my word for it, he seriously is a beautiful example of the male species. Why can’t he reside a smidgen bit nearer by?

If you’re wondering what the verdict was for my violation of 46.2-1003 -- tag lights out:

Case dismissed!

Perhaps if I get a yen to, I’ll type up a detailed account of what transpired in front of Mrs. Judge.

So. Yes, I spent $50 in gas when I could’ve merely paid the $30 fine. Yes, I didn’t have to journey three hours when I could’ve merely stayed home and re-polished my nails. But it’s the principle of the thing. Oh, yeah, plus the entertainment value. And that’s really what’s most important here, isn’t it?


Occupationally Mobile

Be assured my lack of updates on here is not a sign I’m inactive out there. I’ve merely been, as is said, broadening my horizons:

Glory Days indeed. Unlike Troopers ‘round these parts, West Virginia ones don’t seem to mind being photographed. Nor are they afraid to get their vehicles dirty.

Yessir, that’s definitely my idea of a pot o’ gold.

During my travels, I got pulled over by the most beautiful Virginia State policeman my eyes have ever beheld: Tpr. D. A. Dean, Jr.

If only he lived forty miles closer... we’d be banging at least once a day and twice on Sundays. Seriously. Anyhotness, he didn’t write me up for speeding -- ;) --, however he did issue a citation for “DEFECTIVE EQUIpment TAg LightS ouT” [sic] -- :(. My right brake bulb has been rather cantankerous lately. I could just pay the ticket immediately, except, really, how can I, of all people, be expected to not take advantage of ogling this particular Trooper again? Thus I will be going to Shenandoah General District Court (Traffic) in Woodstock, VA, on Mar 6, 2012, at 900AM.

Hopefully I’ll get some pictures of the guy so y’all can see I am not exaggerating how very attractive he is.

As for the obligatory I HeArTE JADE Task-Force-related content:

According to this snippet from The Hook, Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement uses GPS tracking. Well, nah! But I do wonder how that little info-share came about.

And NBC 29 News has this dull press release from the US Attorney’s Office, Western District; I haven’t read them yet, but I assume the comments from the peon gallery are much livelier.

As one can surmise, by this image below, neither have I abandoned the locals: