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Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force
Risk Assessment Matrix

Entry Type
1 Service requires no forced entry
2 Service may require forced entry
3 Service requires immediate forced entry
4 Service requires immediate entry at dual entry points
4 Service requires specialty breaching due to fortification
Sub Total

Weapon Information
1 Firearms believed to be present at location of service
2 Firearms believed to be present and readily available at location of service
3 Firearms believed to be carried by suspect at time of service
7 Firearms believed to be carried by multiple persons at location of service
7 Assault type firearms believed to be available to persons at location of service
Sub Total

Suspect Information
1 Suspect is a known drug addict/dealer
1 Suspect is known to be wanted for felony offense
2 Suspect has made recent statements regarding resisting arrest or violence against police
2 Suspect has recent history of violence against persons
3 Suspect has history of violence against Police
3 Suspect has three or more violent felony convictions
Sub Total

Misc Factors
1 Aggressive dog(s) at location of service
3 Lookouts believed to be in use at time of service
7 Booby traps believed to be in use at target location
Sub Total



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