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On the table:

Abolishing the pseudonyms on I HeArTE JADE and fully revoking my self-imposed “no outing” guideline.

A refresher:

Main reason I started using the fictitious names was because I didn’t know the true names of the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement members. Continued to refer to the Task Force Officers by the nicks I gave them because, for one, believed the men worked JADE covertly and didn’t want to compromise that and, secondarily, got kinda used to -- and liked -- the monikers.

Recent thoughts:

Now I know who they are.

None of them work undercover.

All but one of them is listed by name in connection with JADE in public documents.

How silly is it to keep calling a 40-something-year-old policeman Porn Star, or Longhead?

Then again, their informants and investigations have goofesque names too.

The hang-up:

Weird mixture of aliases and actual identities. Fine; weirder mixture. I can’t expose everyone. Such as, Jason Trent might not care that I use his name but my Law Enforcement guys (Hi Boomslang and JumpOut!) will slaughter me D-E-A-D if theirs are revealed. So maybe I’d have to come up with new fake names that sound real. Which seems… meh.

One more thing:

Legal names of ten out of the eleven TFOs can already be found on here somewhere if one puts effort into looking for them -- I’ve never expected anyone to bother doing that though.

In conclusion:

Ha! I don’t know.