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Did I Ever Tell You About The Time I Tried To SNEAK A Picture Of Two Cops Down At The JADE Office But FORGOT TO TURN THE FLASH OFF?

By playing with the Drug Task Force, I’ve learned a little bit about digital cameras over the past several months. Not just the operational aspects of the contraptions but also that there are benefits to having more than one type and discerning which of them best fits a situation.

Seems for highly surreptitious snap-shooting, those two-inch-sized keychain minis would be just the thing. They are indeed teeny. As are the photographs they take. I prefer huge, high-quality images, so more often I reach for my normal-scale camera instead -- coming up with spur-of-the-moment inventive ways to keep it concealed whilst capturing JADE activities has become almost a hobby within a hobby.

This is a nifty night vision camera. It does have one downside that, when it comes to my purposes with Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement, frequently renders it unusable. But considering most people probably wouldn’t run into the problem, I recommend it to anyone who’s looking for an in-darkness picture-taking device. Oh, oh, oh, and, while I’m on the subject, once I saw this, I couldn’t resist finding out if I could make one, and if it works. Yes, and yes!

For maybe the last few weeks -- starting prior to receiving this dumb thing -- I’ve been familiarizing myself with equipment that has superzoom features. Nearly every digital camera manufacturer these days offers at minimum one model of the sort. Think about it, when you can get a photograph like this:

Then one like this:

Without taking even a single footstep forward? That’s pretty dang amazing!