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50-50 I Come Up With The List, You Come Up With The Title

  • If Paul Best were an informant he wouldnt work for JADE.
  • Jon McKay has a red RAM 2500.
  • Jon Seitz carries a blue lunchbox.
  • Granville Fields middle name begins with Q.
  • John Stoltz often parks his Charger in front of eloise.
  • Joe Hatter drives the JADE van home sometimes.
  • Brian ODonnell doesn’t do street stuff.
  • Don Campbell is an active participant in Task Force drug raids.
  • Jimmy Bunch uses a leg holster.
  • John Baber wears New Balance brand tennis shoes.
  • Joe Fleming buys coffee at Starbucks.
  • I swapped the pseudonyms formerly in these bullet lists to real names because of Google.