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Good Morning, Special Agent Trent!

My you’re here early. Can I get you a cuppa coffee -- a Biscotti, maybe?

I know you mentioned they have to pay you to read my site but since you’re not busy doing like real work, I feel now’s a good time to talk at you. Is it? A good time? ‘Cause, I mean, if you’d rather have ataraxis at the moment, I could always wait ‘til you come see me again mid-afternoon or evening. I can be patient; just ask Longhead.

Actually I think when we last spoke, you kind of alluded to us patching things up or something. No, not “us” you and me “us.” We’re fine. I think we are anyway. At least, I’m fine with you. I’m not positive if you’re fine with me. You may very well be mad at me because I keep putting your name, Jason Trent, on I HeArTE JADE -- even though you’re the one who said it was all right to. Just gimme the word and I’ll use Debonair Out-Of-The-Blue Caller (abbreviated to Blue, both for convenience and to match your shirt) instead. It might knock you and me off Google. Hmm... I was going somewhere with this, I know I was. Oh yeah, “us” being Longhead and me. Was that on the table, so to speak? Or am I reading too much into what you said?

Hey! Ya know what I burrowed up? A picture I took a while ago of that Taurus I pointed out to you in the VSP parking lot. I’d been on my way to meet Boomslang -- I don’t think you know who that is yet -- late one afternoon and I recognized the car, well, technically I remembered the plate number, from the SWAT vehicle-lineup and clicked a photo or twelve of it.

Care for a refill on that coffee? I do. Hold on a sec.

See, I spot these Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement or JADE-associated automobiles all over the place in my run-arounds and sometimes can’t help but capture them on camera. Like Pringle’s Altima:

Woooops! Let me try that again:

It’s doing a fine job holding down the concrete at the federal courthouse, eh?

Before I forget, how long are you going to be on this case? Surely you won’t be coming here twenty, thirty, times a day, five days a week, forever and forever. I just assume you have a schedule like one of the JADE Charlottesville detectives told me he has (Monday-Friday, most weekends off) but perhaps that’s an incorrect supposition. At any rate, since I’m not doing anything wrong, somewhere along the line someone’s going to have to pull the plug on this go-nowhere investigation of yours. The ominously-titled “JADE Task Force Command Group” possibly. That would make you happy, right? To get out of this? I want you to be happy. I’d miss you, of course. It was nice to for realiously meet the man who got the shlurk job of monitoring me for JADE. There I was, guessing if he was out there, all wondering who he might be. And now I’ve seen him. Those last two lines have every bit the potential to become part of a Disney movie, song, something.

Here I’ve chattered on and on and I bet you have to go, Mr. Trent. Okay, then. I’ll catch you later. If you feel you want to answer any of the questions in my prate, call me sometime.

Have a good one, sir.