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Asphyxiation By Ellipses

Lately I’ve been posting mostly pictures, only because I’ve had nothing to say. No, that’s inaccurate; I’ve had things to say, I just haven’t been able to say them well. For a person who strives to communicate perfectly, this totally...



See? I can’t... with the words... and they aren’t... to encompass precisely... what I... convey.

I’m writing up an account pertaining to two incidents featuring ACPD Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force Officer Jonathan Seitz. Technically it’s already written, but it just comes across so flat and snooze-fest-y, one can almost hear the monotony drowning under every alphabetic character. Which is extra awful because the run-ins and aftereffects invoked such... and I especially want the narrative for these encounters with Mr. Seitz and pal(s) to be expressed in a way that when others read the sentences they’ll feel, literally feel, my emotions and perceptions. Ugh! Even this explanation is poorly lacking.

My attorney advises (read: sternly prohibits) me from discussing my pending case. Not even stating the facts! This may be why my writing is...

And also why I’m straddling the edge of an out-and-out funk. If y’all think this mere teasing on I HeArTE JADE is bad, ya don’t wanna test my rank meanness. So I’m trying to keep myself amused -- key word: trying. Alas! My usual antics don’t seem to be cutting it. I need a challenge, and it has to be fun. Any suggestions? ‘Cause I’m afraid I’m drawing a...


Fire Works

Good Surveillance, Best Mustang


Weekendz N The Hood

Dramatic Police Search in Charlottesville
April 25, 2010

A couple dozen officers in the Charlottesville Police Department spent an hour searching a 5-block radius around Second Street SE and Elliott Avenue Saturday evening. They jumped fences, used a police dog and cris[s]-crossed the neighborhood but when it was over, there was no indication what the commotion was about.

Police raced around in their patrol cars, ran down streets, even jumped over backyard fences as they searched for at least one unknown suspect.

It’s unclear who they were looking for or why, but around 7:30pm, police detained and handcuffed a pair of men at a nearby apartment complex.

It’s not known if the pair will be charged with any criminal wrong-doing.

The Thin Blue Circle

Eons ago, due to the amount of Charlottesville officers assigned to Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement, I thought it’d be a good idea to cultivate a source in the city’s force. Anybody who pays attention to I HeArTE JADE is well-aware I’ve got one there.

From my relationship with him came an Albemarle policeman whom I incorporated into things -- which played out extra nicely since the Task Force also has numerous members deriving from the County Police Department. (He, ironically, knew me only because the other agency’s Police Chief, Timothy Longo, had at the time been behind the scenes gossiping about who specifically was operating this site; a twist I liken to that whole “Loose Lips Sink Ships” thing. So… hail to the Chief!)

With Jimmy Bunch being the sole detective from the University of Virginia PD in JADE, and Joe Fleming being its lone Virginia State Police investigator, I didn’t bother trying to get an “in” there or there. Shortly after BCI Special Agent Jason Trent invaded the scene, I halfheartedly re-evaluated the importance of the latter but right about the time I was seriously considering it might be necessary to have a spy in the State field, well, it’s not exactly an angle one can work from jail. Lesson learned; now “no source is unneeded” is right up there with my “no detail is too small” -- friggin’ top of my list.

Until I’d met my two darling cops, I’d assumed the local Police Departments and their respective employees generally liked each other, with maybe a mite of healthy competition thrown in for the hell of it. As it turns out, that isn’t really the case at all. It’s not even the case within JADE, a group of men who practically spend more time with each other than they do with their families.

Anyhow, sometimes it’s just the inner circle I’ve been recently talking to, or, more like, listening to, combined with a related event, rather than a genuine interest I have in any given lawman, that determine the entries I make here.

For instance, the other day a UVA patrolman -- like I said, “lesson learned” -- mentioned Jeff Maddra. I knew who he was talking about ‘cause this wasn’t the first time Mr. Maddra’s name had come up, and, actually, I’d done a cursory search on him previously and discovered this picture of him:

He looks like he should be cast as a character in Southland, doesn’t he?

Okay, then, the morning following that chat, I think it was, I happened to be in the clerk’s office at the Charlottesville General District Court/Police Department paying off fines and fees and costs, and any other word they can call it to get more money out of a person for the same conviction, when in strolls Mr. Maddra. Based on his attire -- a light-colored suit, dress shirt, dark shoes, and tie -- I figured he was taking care of his on-duty obligations while off-duty. Certainly no big deal.

Later, that evening, true to form, I dug up his Facebook profile, since of course he’d use a social network like every other badge-sporter seems to use. I saved it too, as it’s not unheard of for these guys to spaz and change or delete those accounts.

And now the entire nothing, about an individual I’m indifferent to, is all neatly integrated into a post.

See how that worked?


State Saturday



Smokey The Bear Would Not Be Pleased


Don’t Say He “Makes Poor Choices,” Say He “Inspires Policy Changes”

Remember that Taser incident involving Albemarle County policeman Eric Kudro? The County, here several months later, has pulled a nice public relations move. They’ve revised their policy regarding Taser usage. Officially, no longer will their officers be permitted to use the electrical device on handcuffed or fleeing prisoners.

It seems to me what they’re basically saying is that they don’t trust the members of their force to make good decisions in bad situations -- which, bottom line, really sucks for officer morale. But I admit I look at things a little bit different than most. The Hook has a more in-depth article -- with a catchy headline -- that probably better reflects majority thinking. The most notable thing in their piece, as far as I’m concerned, is the unnamed “senior law enforcement official” who proves, once again, that, in private, cops do turn on each other.

As for the undisciplined Mr. Kudro, I still think he’s got a great future with JADE.


My How Things Change! Or Don’t.

JADE task force meets duties, earns praise

Cavalier Daily Associate Editor

 The Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement task force successfully completed its sixth major narcotics bust in less than a month last week, earning the praise of city officials.
 “Our thinking is that it’s been very effective and represents a nice cooperation between University, city, and county officers,” Charlottesville Mayor David J. Toscano said.
 “We’re very pleased with the way the task force is working out,” said Detective Sgt. B.A. Bibb, coordinator of the JADE task force and a Charlottesville police officer.

 On Jan. 23, a search warrant for an area of Fifth St. Southwest turned up a small amount of crack cocaine.
The following day, JADE officers, following up on a warrant for a property on Prospect St., made two arrests, one adult and one juvenile.
 Jan. 25, officers seized a large amount of marijuana and more than $11,000 in cash in the south side of the city. Police arrested one suspect.

 JADE Task Force officers arrested five and seized 70 grams of crack cocaine - with a street value of approximately $14,000 - on Hardy Dr. Jan. 26th.

 Less than one week later, officers served another Prospect St.-area search warrant, netting two arrests and the seizure of 17 grams each of crack cocaine and marijuana.

 The latest bust came Thursday, when JADE officers executed a search warrant for an address at the east side of town.  Officers seized 35 grams of crack cocaine, $2,500 in cash and made one arrest.
 Often, the drugs and drug money seizures benefit the city.

 “Sometimes we get seizure dollars that come out of the task force. Some of the money gets returned to [the city] to fund other anti-drug programs,” Toscano said.

 JADE task force members followed a largely standard procedure in each of the six recent busts, Bibb said.

 “Information comes from a confidential, reliable informant,” Bibb said. “A lot of times we’ll then do surveillances and see what kind of traffic comes into the area [and] then we’ll get a search warrant,” Bibb said.

Source: The Cavalier Daily (print edition) February 13, 1996


Because Neatness Counts


ACPD/JADE Jon Seitz Jeep KJR-7662

ACPD/JADE Jon Seitz Dodge Stratus 338 AAH

VSP Ford SUV XPX-2451

So “Bleh” It Doesn’t Even Deserve A Title

My judicial business in Albemarle County today was uneventful. A reporter showed up, seeming as bored with my case as I. The Commonwealth Attorney changed the charge against me from Virginia Code 18-dot-this-or-that to Virginia Code 19-point-whatever-whatever -- “violation of suspended sentence” or something, I don’t know -- which I’m guessing she did for the purpose of lengthier-sentence leverage, maybe? I still have no idea which JADE member(s) made this latest allegation, nor any other, you know, pertinent details about it. On the plus side, I have the same lawyer I had last time. Oh, and the Sheriff’s Officer who was on metal detector duty was absolute yum! Like almost on par with Granville Fields yum. Next court date: May 18th.


They make sense to me; they are, after all, my memories.

Do You Know This Man?

I took photographs at a Press Conference in Appomattox a few months ago. A certain Virginia State Policeman appears in the far background of some of my shots. I want to know who he is. If you can assist in identifying him, please email me.