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Big News

Local task force makes big drug bust

The Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement task force seized more than $150,000 worth of drugs this week.

Officers uncovered more than 100 pounds of marijuana, more than 300 grams of cocaine and four firearms when they executed two search warrants Thursday and Friday.

Police arrested and charged Paul Wendell Williams with possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute, possession of more than five pounds of marijuana with the intent to distribute, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and possession of a firearm while possessing cocaine.

The Blue Ridge Task Force, Greene County Sheriff’s Office and the Buckingham County Sheriff’s Office assisted in the searches.

The incident remained under investigation Friday with additional arrests and charges pending.



This is the problem when one doesn’t post frequently: stuff piles up. Hmm... let’s see... where to begin?

According to City of Charlottesville General District Court records, on June 2, 2011, the sexy hot -- my adjectives, not the judicial system’s -- Granville Fields was deemed not guilty of his March reckless driving charge. Surprise! Oh, no, wait; a surprise would’ve been the opposite verdict. Naturally he had an attorney, Jessica Phillips, which, regardless of if you aren’t an officer and are darn certain you’re going to get away with your misdeeds, is always a sharp move.

Not a sharp move is agreeing to let Law Enforcement without a warrant search your property. Granted, they’ll invariably be granted the necessary paperwork, but, no matter how persuasive men with badges can be -- and they can, indeed, be persuasive -- and how innocent you’re positive you are, sheesh, assert your rights people!

Philip Cobbs consented to a warrantless search and look where it got him. The majority of ‘net commentators on his ordeal seemed to have either gotten sidetracked by the least significant part: the amount of marijuana discovered on Mr. Cobbs’ land -- as if two pot plants aren’t as illegal as a dozen or a thousand -- or turned it into yet another excuse to rail about legalization. Hello? Members of the Virginia State Police and Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force didn’t even bother to document alleged evidence. Since it wasn’t a pat-on-the-back-worthy bust, they, I believe, plunked it in toto on the lap of County Officer Trevor Ross a month later. I surmise, true to their typical cocky selves, the Boys In Blue knew a judge would merely take them on their word for the way it went down, how they behaved, and what precisely they saw. They were correct the first round. I wish the Rutherford Institute best of luck battling against such odds in the next.

Settled out of court was the Gerry Mitchell vs Albemarle County Police Department lawsuit. One of their fine officers, Gregory Davis, while in his patrol car struck a wheelchair-bound man crossing the road. Originally when I watched the cruiser cam video of the incident, I was willing to give the cop the benefit of the doubt; I thought perhaps the ACPD driver hadn’t seen Mr. Mitchell because the front frame of the auto at the left of the windshield on his vehicle obscured the view of the area the pedestrian was in. Then I heard Davis was texting a woman at the time of the hit. This was later confirmed. Speaking from experience, mobile phones can be quite distracting to lawmen especially when a kitty is on the other end. Me-yow.

Eric Abshire was convicted in October of murdering his wife Justine. I’d been mildly interested in the case and my State Policeman, Tony Gattuso Jr., having worked on it a bit, kindly provided me inside details. VSP Special Agent Gattuso also told me that since the evidence was circumstantial he thought Mr. Abshire would likely walk away from the crime a free man; I disagreed, simply because juries are incredibly stupid and have no concept of “reasonable doubt.” I’d published on the web some of the information supplied to me by my darling Tony and one site I posted it on promptly deleted it. Hilarious that media are more concerned about what a leaky Virginia State Policeman did or said than the Agency he belongs to is.

I haven’t recently added anything to the My State Policeman blog. I need to type a narrative of a disturbing phone conversation Tony and me had about his living situation and girlfriend, but, frankly, I haven’t been much inspired to write -- obviously. Once I get around to it though I can hark back to the mundane copying and pasting of our email exchanges. I’d intended to wrap up the site at the point our relationship ended, however, upon a subsequent three-month-long investigation of my former sweetheart’s activities pre- and post-me, there’s uber oodles of fabulous turpitudes that I unearthed for me to terminate it there now. From my contact with Troopers’ wives he used to bang back in the days when he was a lowly Trooper himself to tracking multiple craigslist sex ads hookups he’s had, I’ve been rather a busy detective slash spy. Can ya believe I was not Tony’s sole other lover from February 2010 on? I reiterate: thank heavens I documented every ounce of “us.” There’s a couple of loose pieces his ex-pseudo-wife Brenda Priebe could help tie up for curious me if she’d be so inclined; shame she’s one of those uppity things, a big important person who strictly associates with clones of herself. I guess he didn’t lie about everything.

Sadly it’s apparent Tony never actually liked me. I’ve concluded he deliberately targets females to con that he feels -- erroneously or not -- are super intelligent. Keeping the wool pulled over their eyes is his idea of reassuring himself he’s smart. Unfortunately for him, he’s not bright enough to pull it off with everyone. Funny, he probably would’ve been successful on that front with Miz Priebe had it not been for me. Hoo-ah! Yeah, that completes my psychoanalyzing Anthony Gattuso.

An unidentified-to-the-public Albemarle County officer shot his own hand during weapon training at the Rivanna Rifle and Pistol Club. Numerous ACPD officials state accidents of this type wouldn’t occur if their department had its own facility to practice at, thereby increasing the amount of firearm preparedness.

The same county has a fresh armada of police vehicles coming in. Chief Steve Sellers said “To our officers it represents a new beginning, a fresh start as a police department and a commitment to the community.” I’m not certain what anybody else in his community thinks but I’d prefer to have cops who know how to handle their guns than have ones with new cars.

At least one lawyer I’m acquainted with is doing a happy dance that Randall Snead did not get elected Sheriff of Greene County.

In a strange twist, I got a lada nada to report on the Charlottesville Police Department as a whole. Individually? Loose lips revealed that CPD Chief Timothy Longo has been compelled to remark in specific company that Officer Brian N. O’Donnell and I were not involved sexually. Whatever. Despite Joe Hatter having had a few personal issues subsequent to my last update, none of them belong here. Rumor has it that Paul Best and his fiancĂ©e broke up. Or they got married. Perfect example of why two sources are not necessarily better than one.

A daily visitor to I HeArTE JADE has offered yours truly a round-trip ticket to Europe. I’m still considering the invitation. On the one side, I’m all for meeting regular readers. On the other, I’m not particularly interested in Germany.

Search Engine results, featuring names, from yesterday:

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Hiya Kenny! Want This One, Too?

You know from the same date your Virginia State Police buddy there, Agent Gattuso, was supposed to be in Lunenburg County Circuit Court to testify?

‘Twas I believe a drug case, to boot -- albeit, unfortunately, not handled by the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement (JADE) Task Force.


It All Started With An Ewwwwww...

Yours truly is now officially Facebooking. Which is odd, because I have been extremely vocal about what a bad idea it is to belong to social networking sites. Aside from the majority, I believe, of participants being unaware of how much personal information they are unwittingly making publicly available -- Think you’ve got your page under heavy lockdown? Think again! --, your merely signing up gives Facebook the authority to do anything they so wish with what you publish:
Sharing Your Content and Information

You own all of the content and information you post on Facebook, and you can control how it is shared through your privacy and application settings. In addition:

1. For content that is covered by intellectual property rights, like photos and videos (IP content), you specifically give us the following permission, subject to your privacy and application settings: you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook (IP License).
What triggered my mind change enough to disregard my feelings about the abovementioned was that I recently got disturbingly sickening details about Special Agent Gattuso and I was compelled to comment on it. However, it doesn’t yet go with the flow of my blog about him and I’m trying not to clutter up I HeArTE JADE with stuff about the guy -- not too much, that is. Plus, since pictures in web tables do not look pretty on blogspot, I wanted a convenient place to create a photo album for my My State Policeman site.

Mostly I think it’ll be interesting to finally have a corner where I’m not limited to specific topics; I can blather about anything. Hoorah!

For kicks, I’ve sent friend requests to various members of Law Enforcement who know me to see if they’ll be daring enough to accept.


/Waves At Virginia State Police High Tech Unit Surveillance Agent Kenneth Hicks

Given that you seem to have taken a special interest in the other one from my post, I can tell you there are beaucoup more for your stash:

Oh, yeah, and congratulations on becoming my very first “K” entry label.



How I Spent My Sunday Vacation

This was supposed to be a strictly State-Police Sunday for me.


Usually I’m content to “shoot and scoot;” -- you know, snag a photograph or twelve of a traffic stop or radar control then move on before subjecting myself to a vindictive-given sham citation.

It’s a little after 2:30PM. Impulsively I decide to swing by the Area Three Division Headquarters. Considering it’s a weekend, I believe there will be no chance of me encountering BCI Special Agent Jason Trent.

I motor the short distance down Police Tower Rd. Often there are specialty vehicles at the far expanse -- same place I almost got my first picture of SA Tony Gattuso -- however I don’t detect anything remarkable today. Instead I proceed into the front part of the lot at the main building on 3rd Division Loop. There are two cars present but since neither appear official, I drive around to the back. Now I remember why I don’t bother with this place on Sundays. The concrete square dominates the sparse smattering of metal on wheels stationed in betwixt the painted white lines. I circle to make my way out. I am about to go right at the T, intending to leave. I glance left, in case of unexpected oncomers, before pulling forward. Is that... oh my gosh... that looks like... Curiosity forces me to dart where I gazed.

I haven’t seen the Beater belonging to the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force in eons but, wow, the ugly rusted Chevy sitting in the space close to the double towers sure seems to be it. So much time has passed, I can’t even remember its license plate. Without slowing, I edge the block of bricks and head west down the narrow plot of pavement out. An east-bound marked gray and blue cruiser is traveling in my direction. My brain is so focused on recalling the JADE tag, I devote nearly no attention to the VSP officer as we cross paths.

Because it’s bugging me, and for the sake of blog fodder, I return to where the abandoned Beater is. Once I break the corner, I observe the abovementioned Trooper’s prowler. I ignore it and bring my Toyota to a halt beyond its rear bumper. Feh, I’m not doing anything wrong. I tug my camera out of the bag and power it up. I adjust the settings, debate for another moment whether JFW-4327 is familiar, aim, and push the shutter. What in the world is it doing all the way the hell down here in my neck of the woods? They donate it to the VSP?

In my side mirror, I catch the Trooper approaching me.

I can direct quote the following because I’m all audio-record-y like that.

“Ma’am, is there something I can help you with?” asks the young man wearing the hat -- not especially politely, I might add.


I glimpse his name badge then pivot my face away from him. He inquires about my purpose for being there.

“Oh. I wanted to take some pictures” I declare.

You can imagine how he handled the information.

His tone oozing with superfluous suspicion, he queries “What’s your name?” I supply my first. Once it dawns on him I’m going to leave him hanging on my last, he progresses to “Pictures? Of what?”

I’m not going to lie. “Well, of your --” And I totally blank on what it is. “Umm, that, uh, tank… thing.”

“Tank thing? Ma’am, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

That’s great ‘cause I have no idea what I’m talking about, either. “You know, big, boxy thing -- it’s silver -- you use it for... I can’t remember what it’s called. Your Tac team uses it. I thought y’all kept it here.”

Though he’s now aware of what I’m referring to, he fails to assist me with its title. “We have several of them. It’s in Richmond.”

“Them” implies plural. “It’s” implies singular. Heh. I don’t point out his inconsistency. Rather, I state the obvious. “That’s far away.”

He glares at me through his pricey sunglasses. “Yes ma’am.”

“Okay” I smile.

He bids me a good afternoon and spins on his heels, returning to his ride.

What a d... I am not giving up on capturing a close-up of the possible JADE assault SUV. Dismissing the existence of the PITA with a Sig Sauer, I remain in position. I hold the Canon up again and zoom in on the Beater.

I spot the Trooper come tearing back at me full speed. Good grief. My eyes roll. I drop the device between my seat and door panel and pick up my cellular phone.

When the Trooper tries to communicate to me this time, I raise my index finger at him to shush him and make him wait. He listens silently to the monologue I have with my Samsung. When I decide he’s been adequately delayed, I hit the end call button and direct my brown orbs at him to signal he can continue.

At that point, the uniformed fellow gets quite aggressive. He notifies me that, although I am “not violating any laws,” I must vacate the premises or he will arrest me for “trespassing.”

“I can’t take pictures?” I question.

“You can take pictures during normal business hours” he responds and starts to ramble about opening at 9AM tomorrow and something-something speak to a supervisor then.

I can… take pictures… during… normalbusinesshours?! Ahahahaha… Hahahahaha… Bwahaha… It is one of the most nonsensical things I’ve ever heard one of these guys say.

Ridiculousness aside, awful nice of him to give me a great opportunity to intel gather. “Who is your supervisor?” He identifies the higher-up.

“Do you have a number for him?”

“352…” He pauses as I grab paper and pen and jot down “Randy Campbell.”

He resumes “7…”

I realize he’s merely going to offer the general Appomattox number for the Virginia State Police, so I end up writing the rest of the digits -- 128 -- faster than he says them. “And your name?” I stare at his pin, as if I haven’t read it already.

“Buzzard. Trooper Buzzard. Like the bird.”

“Ha.” I mention my maiden name to him. “Like the bird.”

He nods. “It’s kind of the same thing, yeah.”

The uniform-donned male advises me to drive safe and I encourage him to do the same. As I exit I see he’s animatedly rushing into the small structure, his cell phone plastered to his ear.

I don’t trouble sneaking a still of Trooper Buzzard or his duty-sedan; I have enough of a site story as it is.

The most hilarious part is I got all this, believe it or not, just because I planned on scanning in, for my other site, a copy of a hotel receipt from one of my and VSP Special Agent Gattuso naughty romps. I’ve redacted his home address but notice he listed Virginia State Police under company when he checked in:


From The Pads Of Fingertips...

Thanks to my operating, like, 25 thousand blogs, I’ve learned a lot about html, formatting, and specialty scripts. It’s remarkable how even a tiny string of coding can accomplish oodles. A key set of lines inserted for a site can reveal beaucoup information about visitors -- from their location right down to their bookmarks. Currently I am studying how to create web tables.

-- ♥ --

Also, I’ve discovered IP anonymizers seriously do not work the way folks assume they do. The gist of clandestine surfing software is to secret personal data. What happens, though, is that stats simply show the user went to a proxy then the proxy came to the site one hoped to conceal that he or she is visiting. In other words, when people go through a proxy to look at my sites, not only do I know who they are, I know that they are making an effort to hide who they are from me. Fascinating, eh? Bottom line: you want to be undetectable and unidentifiable? Stay. Off. The. Frigging. Internet. Definitely don’t come to my cyberspots.

-- ♥ --

Strangely enough the traffic to My State Policeman is practically double that of I HeArTE JADE. Daily readership includes, but is not limited to, Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) personnel, a handful of County of Henrico employees, several distinct Troopers, the spouse of a Trooper, a Bedford Sheriff’s officer, an acquaintance of Brenda Priebe, and a freelance journalist from overseas. I’m not sure if they’re interested in Tony’s activities or mine.

-- ♥ --

Incidentally, judging by the relationship status recently added to Facebook, my State Policeman, Tony Gattuso, and pseudo wife apparently had a pseudo break-up; I guess that makes her pseudo single. I’m sorry, but, ya’d think that with all her education and all his training, they woulda come up with a little more innovative con. His repairing her house and mowing her lawn as she keeps better sight on him than a hawk does a snake just doesn’t represent separation. Lest it isn’t obvious by my tone, I don’t believe their split is legit.

-- ♥ --

Speaking of dumb and dirty State Policemen, on the 23rd of this month my bout with local VSP Trooper Brandon Long will be finalized. I intended weeks ago to finish my account of the interaction I had with him and Sgt. Bailey, however my hard drive died -- taking the audio of the exchange with it. It’s subsequently been resurrected plus backed-up, backed-up, backed-up. I hope to type the remainder of the report soon.

-- ♥ --

I got pulled over the other night for one of my tag lights being out. Of course when the officer ran my plate and license, the dispatcher kicked back all the gratuitous nonsense -- gang member with known drug ties, infamous anti-Law-Enforcement chick, ad vomitus. Next thing I know I’ve got a stationary train of three cruisers behind me with their bubbles flashing in full glory and a request to search my vehicle. Normally I would’ve refused on principle, but, feh, I was in the mood for some entertainment. “Knock yourselves out” I told them. I stood behind the car and chattered openly with one badge-wearer, watching as the pair of others nosed inside my auto. During the process, to check what kind of bulb I’d need to fix the violation I leaned over and barely bumped the unlit one. It illuminated immediately! Jeez. Only me.

The officials located the pouch of handgun ammunition, which I carry, again, on principle, in my trunk and emphasized worry. “What exactly is it about a bag of loose ammo that ‘concerns’ you? Whatcha think I’m gonna do -- flick a bullet at you?” I was impressed when the lawman I directed that at grinned. By that time, my demeanor had plainly put them all at ease anyway.

They let me go without a citation. I love me some decent cops.

-- ♥ --

“What about JADE?” you ask. “JADE who?” I reply. Ha! Well… my two years of “good behavior” are coming to an end. Freedom at last! Thing is, I can’t say I really give half a dang what the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force or its members are doing these days. I suppose I HeArTE JADE might become a place for ecumenical Law Enforcement coverage, although, shoot, it’s kinda that already, huh? By the by, good call Chief Longo. ;)

-- ♥ --

In conclusion, albeit with zero proper segue, a new or replacement scanner is still top o’ my wish list. C’mon. Help a girl out?

-- ♥ --

Obligatory police-related photographs:


News Of The Day

Man gets 22 years for local drug ring
August 2011

A New York man was sentenced to 22 years in federal prison Wednesday after pleading guilty earlier this year to operating a large drug distribution ring through Charlottesville.

Rodney Wayne Barnes, 44, of Queens, N.Y., was sentenced in U.S. District Court in Charlottesville on charges of conspiring to distribute crack cocaine, heroin and powder cocaine and money laundering.

Barnes, who was been in jail since his arrest in July 2010, was the kingpin of a drug distribution ring that brought drugs through Charlottesville to other cities in Virginia and North Carolina.

His drug activities attracted police attention after residents on Altavista Avenue reported suspicious activities going on in a neighboring house, officials said at his guilty plea earlier this year.

Ron Huber, assistant U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Virginia, said the sentence brings an end to a drug case that brought drugs through Charlottesville for more than a year.

“[The Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement task force] did a great job in this case,” Huber said. “Once they got word [Barnes] was bringing drugs into the area they got to working on it and broke up the ring.”

Barnes’ 14 co-defendants have also entered guilty pleas to their roles in the conspiracy and have been sentenced, Huber said. Those sentences ranged from 16 months to more than 144 months in federal prison, he said.



Care To Guess What Sort Of Mood I’m In?

mexicans at the maya
JADE Task Force bad boys

There once was a cop from Charlottesville
Who gulped down his booze like it was swill
And when he was toast
The Boys In Blue would he roast
Giving me grist for the mill.

trees strewn, storm got ya
you ‘n she leave at eight-ish
your same life, juiceless.

The badges from the County
Guns, tasers, and bounty
The men wear it all proud
So the chicks will be wowed
And go for an on-duty mount-y.

trooperman, my crush
en route to division one
‘til we meet again


All In Good Fun

Huge-known fact: When I cruise around, I will take photographs of random officers and later occasionally mock said officers on the Internet.

Little-known fact: When officers cruise around, they will take photographs of random persons and later occasionally mock said persons on the Internet.


The Blog Is Mightier Than The Badge -- Henrico County Court (Part 4)

(Part1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

Uncertain of what SA Tony Gattuso would be alleging on this date, prior to court I’d compiled and organized an enormous stack of, well, everything I possibly reckoned could be applicable.

Plausibly Tony would cite the blogs -- yes, both of them, though one hadn’t existed at the time of my last judicial appearance -- his girlfriend, their residence, his and my romance and our sole short-term break-up, the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms Agent’s trial, and the Virginia State Police’s both criminal and internal affairs investigations of him and their outcomes.

Hence here I was in court armed with copies of chat logs, emails, and images. Though they were printed out in their entirety to preserve context, I’d highlighted strictly the germane. Additionally, I had my phone which contained recordings and text messages. No less than a hundred pieces of documentation, I swear. My ally had done everything from laugh to shake her head in shock going over them on the trip up.

While Tony had been talking, I’d been carefully rearranging the above items to address each of his comments in the order he’d made them.

I’d actually placed some stuff related to Tony and I regarding the ATF John Stoltz harassment garbage on top but chose not to correct his half-lie. Meh. It’s not even worth moving my tongue for.

Instead, I expelled a single sentence that Tony was cognizant from the get-go about me, and how my site operated.

As an example of Tony’s true sentiment about the blog, I provided the judge with a written exchange Tony and I had about the posting of his vehicle on my site months ago and a printout of the entry itself -- made fifteen minutes subsequent to our discussing it. After the judge asked me to clarify whose email address was whose, she read his approval, his jokes about his VSP-issued Ford Expedition becoming “famous,” and his agreement to let me know if his colleagues said anything about it to him. I followed that up with an email received by me three days later, which bore an attachment of a photograph of another VA State Police vehicle. The email exposed Tony himself had taken the picture and urged me to post it.

Next I submitted to the judge the I HeArTE JADE entry in its entirety showing the home Tony lives in. To demonstrate the abode was not some secret hideaway, I presented a paper version of a real estate website that had an identical photograph to mine plus an address and assorted data, and then the government website for Petersburg, VA, property information depicting, again, an identical photograph and address, along with owner’s name and more. With my finger I tapped the date stamp, set off in hot pink marker, of my own site entry, and read it aloud: February of this year.

The judge had started to voice something, then abruptly cut herself off. “That’s from February?” she inquired. I responded in the affirmative. Her eyebrows shot up. She focused her gaze on Tony and in stern tone said to him “It concerns me that is from February and you are only now bringing it up.” Uh-huh. That’s the reason he didn’t print the whole blog post with the picture he’d introduced; he didn’t want to yield the date. I am heavens-glad I brought mine.

That’s when I learned Tony really, really, sucks at being impromptu. Without a script, he rambled something awful. He said he’d begged me to take the pictures down but that I replied I didn’t care about him; he said he requested that I not blog about him but that I replied I didn’t care about him; he said he reminded me that I protect my sources. Did he just admit in open court he’s one of my sources? Yikes. And guess what he said I replied? Right; that I didn’t care about him. He drags me into court, fibs, and then whines that I don’t care about him?! I felt like doing a face-plant on the polished wood in front of us. He contended I was publishing our communications and writing about our intimacy. “I just don’t know what she’s capable of anymore.” Yeah. I might possibly… make a typo.

It went downhill for Special Agent Anthony Gattuso Jr. from there.

I countered every argument he delivered by whipping up a sheet for the judge from the stash I’d carried in.

Tony articulated he’d attempted to dissolve our relationship in mid-to-late 2010. I fanned a substantial sheaf in the air as proof he’d euphorically continued our affair months past then.

“I have nude pictures he sent me recently of himself” I announced. The judge quickly shot her palm up and uttered “I don’t need to see those.” Aww… okay, but you’re totally missing out.

Tony went into damage control mode. He reiterated he’d tried to terminate things, this time modifying his story slightly with assertions that he was afraid if he didn’t stay with me I would write about our involvement. It was the only moment during testimony I looked straight at him. “You were scared so you tried to end it with me by sending me nude pictures of yourself?” I moved my gaze away immediately. The judge waited for Tony’s riposte but he had no comeback for that one.

I maintained Tony was pursuing me all along, enthusiastically at that. Drawing attention to my pile of evidence, I referenced his ongoing contact with me, most of which he’d initiated -- as fresh as two weeks earlier, the very night before he’d acquired the preliminary protective order.

I described the statcounter on my site which tracks visitors and their search terms. I told the judge that Tony had often sent me messages through the I HeArTE JADE navigation bar -- including “hearting jade in Richmond” and even a jealously-produced growl. I had emails and Google chats where we’d bantered about his doing so.

I gave the judge the Stat Counter Internet logs to examine. She requested I explain what she was studying. I indicated the part where, on July 31, 2011, Tony utilized the search field and what he’d typed in it: see me tomrrow before work........;). She wanted to hear how I knew it was from Tony. I had her flip to the first page to verify this particular log contained records exclusively from the Virginia State Police. I said Tony was the only one from their agency to communicate with me in that manner and that he was the only one I knew who used weird ellipses. “See the long string of dots after the message?” From all the Gmails and Gchats the judge had gone over thus far, she could perceive it was congruent with Tony’s writing habits. Plus I have no control over the statcounter nor the ability to generate the Virginia State Police’s IP and Richmond location.

Tony tried to deny it came from him, but by then it was clear the sharp judge wasn’t falling for his bunk.

She asked Tony if I had ever threatened him. He began his answer by supposing a theoretical someone may use the material on my blog to target him due to his being a cop… then ran on to my maplink tagging where the Virginia State Police Surveillance Unit is… blah, blah, blah… until finally wrapping it up with the fact that where he lives is under lone ownership of his girlfriend. Whoa. What a tangent. None of that means I’m dangerous. Wait; from my photograph without an address, dumb yet hostile criminals are going to find a dwelling that isn’t even associated with your name and harm you?

Based on her expression, the judge seemed as unconvinced as me. Given that Tony hadn’t answered her question, she repeated it to him exactly. “Has she ever threatened you?” “Uh, no” he confessed. The judge gave him one more opportunity. “Has she threatened you indirectly?” “No.”

Tony commenced blubbering about my having a cyberjoint devoted specifically to him. The judge promptly enlightened the man. “Even if I grant you this order, I can’t stop her from blogging about you.” Booyah! This judge is uber on. the. ball.

For roughly half a minute the courtroom was silent. Then…

Case dismissed.

To the stares of humored onlookers, I literally danced all the way out of the courthouse.

I can’t help but wonder if Tony didn’t deliberately sabotage himself at the hearing. One of the things I loved about my State Policeman is his intelligence. It wasn’t smart of him to pull this stunt, period, but to be as unprepared in court as he was besides -- not that he had anything to use against me anyway -- is puzzling. I mean, honestly, he must’ve anticipated his solo performance and meager three photocopies were going to be no match against the tons of my hard evidence, which he knew I had, and a deponent.

Despite what he might’ve led his agency and his girlfriend to believe, Tony and I had a beautiful relationship for a year-and-a-half. I’m ultra-sad this officer I was topsy-turvy in-love with turned out to be nothing more than a dirty cop and con artist.

Good for Special Agent Gattuso neither the VSP nor his sweetheart mind his behavior. Good for me they don’t have to.

First He, Then Me -- Henrico County Court (Part 3)

(Part 1) (Part 2)

The uniformed fellow manning the metal detector at the Henrico County Courthouse slipped part of my evidence -- a pretty green cellular -- into a tiny manila envelope and sealed it with sticker tape before placing it back in my hand and waving me on.

Scanning for my name, my belly filled with imaginary and, I should add, rambunctious, butterflies, I perused the dockets at each of the thresholds leading to the four available courtrooms. The purple, silver, gray and black, high heels on my feet clicked rhythmically as I made my way across the long stretch of floor. Last door. Figures! There it was, adjacent to the person’s name who was responsible for my being there: Gattuso Jr., Anthony.

I pointed it out to the friend slash witness who’d come with me. I noticed the time “9 AM” scrawled in red pen above the respective civil case. Instantly my eyes swelled in panic. According to the paperwork I’d been served, the hearing was scheduled for 9:30. My thoughts reflected a sudden overwhelming feeling of anxiety. Oh my God! What if I’m late? What if it already happened, and because I wasn’t here he won by default? Can I appeal? This bites.

Upon entering the courtroom, my trepidation only worsened. I didn’t spot my opponent, Tony, anywhere amid the smattering of people inside. Earlier in the week I’d hypothesized he, knowing how ridiculous this was, would perhaps not even attend but now, considering the possibility what we were present for had already transpired, not seeing him intensified my worry.

As my companion joined the various folks seated on the solid pews, I approached one of the lawmen up front and touched him on the arm to quietly get his attention. I conveyed my problem to him. I inhaled a sigh of assuagement when he returned from checking with the clerk and informed me it was indeed set for the time I’d been given. Thanking him, I sat in the open expanse next to my comrade.

Seconds later, the same bailiff approached me and queried whether I had met with a victim/witness advocate yet. I smiled and shook my head negatively, guessing what he supposed. Leaning towards my friend, I whispered “Isn’t it funny how they assume because I’m female I’m the ‘victim’?”

Catching bits of conversation among the court employees, I gathered which woman was a victim/witness advocate and overheard her say something to the gist that she would bring in the complainant. That must mean he’s here. Hahaha… I can’t believe it!

In the meantime, the judge, a plain yet attractive African-American lady, excused herself from her bench.

Whenever I’m in court -- either as a defendant or casual observer -- like most, if I hear the door behind me gap I pivot around to check out the incomer. During one of these instances on this day, I glimpsed Tony. Dang, he is so handsome in business attire. I told the gal pal who’d gone with me that I’d never seen Tony in head-to-toe official garb before. She replied “Well you’ve seen him in his birthday suit; now you’ve seen him in a regular suit.”

Shortly thereafter, the judge exited from her chambers, settled in her chair, and called our names. This is it.

Standing in front of her Honor, from left to right: I, the person I’d identified as a victim/witness advocate, Tony, and another man who was apparently also a victim/witness advocate. Sheesh. How many of these freakin’ people does he need?!

In the side-telling, Tony went first.

Much like VSP Trooper Brandon Long had when he and I battled out my “improper stopping on highway” traffic ticket in the Bedford Court, Tony’s words were exceedingly deceptive and designed to manipulate in his favor.

Reading from a typed leaf, Mr. Gattuso, naturally, kicked things off by introducing himself as a Special Agent with the Virginia State Police. Hey judge, I’m a cop. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. Furthermore, he described his work in the Surveillance Unit as “covert.” Hell, why not just claim to be an undercover?

Over the last year and a half, Tony had always called my site by its name “I heart jade.” Eight seconds in a courtroom and he was calling it “I hate jade.” He afforded the judge a printout of my blog banner, encouraging her to take note of its capitalization. She displayed the document to me. I merely nodded, not bothering to rectify the title-misrepresentation. Why get hung up on extraneous details?

Tony didn’t stop there as a spin doctor. He declared my blog “could be construed as anti-Law-Enforcement.” Oh? Then how come you, Mr. Law Enforcement member, were supplying me with content for an anti-Law-Enforcement site? I remained mute about that assertion as well.

He disclosed I had “been arrested and prosecuted for stalking.” Of course he neglected to mention that not only had I not been convicted, but that he had assisted me with the charge.

He went on to report I had posted a photograph of his house on I HeArTE JADE, and labels with his name appeared on said blog too. He pretended the activity was illegal. What the…? He knows I haven’t committed a crime! The judge interrupted his speech to tell him that was irrelevant to the matter at hand and that the allegation was beyond her scope of authority. Hmm… that was… interesting… of her to concede.

Tony extended a duplicate of the snapshot I’d published of his house, which the judge accepted. The picture was huge, spanning the full length of the 8x11; I’m not sure the original version was included in toto. By printing it like that, it failed to even reveal where it came from. That seriously makes no sense.

Then came my chance to defend myself.

(Part 4)


PPO -- Henrico County Court (Part 2)

(Part 1)

On July 31, 2011, Tony sent me a message through the navigation bar of I HeArTE JADE: meet me tomrrow before work.......;). I took the winking emoticon as a sign he was in high spirits, and looked forward to seeing him.

Unfortunately I was running late the next morning which prevented me from arriving where I’d intended; instead I cruised to the plaza where Tony’s office is located. Also unfortunately, Tony when he arrived was, by then, in a severe funk. He was stressed and depressed.

Though his yo-yo-ing had gotten tiresome, I loved him so I let him blow off steam. After he shouted for several minutes, he calmed down. He remarked I couldn’t understand what he was going through. He mentioned his mom was sad, his dad was confused, his girlfriend was mad, and he was hurting me. He verbalized that he thought everyone would be better off without him then he held his thumb and index finger about a quarter-inch apart and announced “I am this close to eating my gun.”

It was the third reference in a month he’d made to suicide. Though I didn’t necessarily feel he was going to hightail it home and put a bullet in his head, I was really worried about him; if he was saying those kind of things, he ought to talk to someone who was equipped to deal with such.

His mental health was more important than our future together. At 10:30 AM, I buzzed the same Sergeant as before and relayed my concerns. He seemed sympathetic and said he would call Tony’s Surveillance Unit to let them know.

At 4-something that afternoon, I returned to the lot at Tony’s place of business to find out if he was okay. Within moments, two marked local police cars entered and the operators who got out of them approached me. One asked for my name, which I provided. He requested I step out of my vehicle. I wanted to know why. He had a “Preliminary Protective Order” for me. Seriously? At least I wasn’t under arrest.

I was cooperative and the lawmen were extremely nice, answering a bunch of questions I posited. The hearing date scheduled was in two weeks, on August 15, 2011. One of the guys had to leave to fetch a copy for me, hence I hung out with the one that remained. Obviously out of curiosity, he fished for information and I ended up sharing with him a fair amount of the story of my and Tony’s affair. When the departing cop came back, he was trailed by a third. I voiced fears about accidentally running into Tony, who would be out of work at any minute, and they kindly volunteered to stand by until I’d had enough time to hit the highway.

The only thing I could think of as I drove off was that Tony couldn’t have possibly instigated this without coercion. Good grief. He’d. Told. Me. To. Come. See. Him. And I had proof! Best as I could figure, since my earlier phone call to the IAD revealed to them Tony had violated the terms of his punishment by being in contact with me, either the VSP or pseudo-wife had backed him into a corner over it. It wasn’t unreasonable to imagine that Tony, to shield himself, had insisted it was I who’d contacted him. No one other than Tony or me knew he’d initiated the get-together. I could just hear him being advised in response to take out a so-called restraining order. What might he say to that: uh, ah, uhm, no, I can’t? That would seem plenty odd. Then again, was this his version of damage control or was it anger- or embarrassment-induced retaliatory? Regardless, it was the last straw. I could tolerate his having a girlfriend, his insecurities, and his PMS-ing, but did he for realiously believe I would let him tie a protective order to my name just so he could cover his butt and save face? Talk about your blatant abuse of the system!

I decided to attempt to file a complaint against him with the Virginia State Police, mainly to gain some insight. I spoke with three Richmond-area VSP individuals: Blackman, Woodhouse, and Moore. All were familiar with me. Blackman and Moore were actually polite; Woodhouse, Tony’s direct supervisor, on the other hand was an obnoxious jerk. I couldn’t determine from any of our dialogues whether Tony had lied to them or they were lying to me. As I’d surmised, they refused to let me make my grievance official.

There was nothing left for me to do but call the Henrico County Court to learn exactly what Tony had claimed to get the temporary restraint, so I could prepare a defense. The clerk had no idea -- “he went in front of a judge” -- however I did garner Tony had waited until 3:00 PM -- approximately five hours after my chat with the Sergeant -- to do so.

I know what y’all are thinking. Boomslang asked me if perhaps Tony was merely trying break it off with me all this time. I weighed out the possibility. The thing is, even when Tony was down or strained, he was consistently communicating with me -- and in a sweet, flirty, romantic manner besides. I have the evidence to show it.

(Part 3)

The Set-Up -- Henrico County Court (Part 1)

Way back near the end of February, 2011, my State Policeman, Tony Gattuso, sent word that he, because of his relationship with me, was under investigation by his agency, the Virginia State Police. They’d found out about us due to Law Enforcement’s illegal seizure and search of my property in late 2010.

Originally the VSP was treating their probe of Tony as a criminal matter, inferring he was one of my beloved sources. If I recall correctly, Tony told me it was a fellow named Lyons who was handling the case against him. Tony wrote that he could no longer have contact with me during the process lest he get fired. The VA State Police, unable to unearth Tony’s illegal activities, eventually dumped it in the lap of their Internal Affairs Division weeks later.

When I first heard the news, I was devastated. I even decided to stop updating my site. Frequently over the years I’d invariably avowed that I would blog “as long as nobody got hurt.” Well, suddenly someone I cared very much about was being hurt.

I’d always suspected that any officer caught with me would be dealt with as a “traitor.” Once I knew it to be true for certain, I immediately alerted Boomslang and JumpOut. I reluctantly gave them the option to distance themselves from me to avoid their being subjected to the same fate as Tony; I was on top of the world when each of them declined.

Despite Tony’s assertion that he couldn’t interact with me at all anymore, he continued to keep in touch. It was almost as if nothing had changed. We still exchanged emails and texts, still saw each other. We still had a rockin’ hot sex life, though there was a brief period where it wasn’t as often. The only difference was Tony had developed intense mood swings. He’d go from being supernaturally elated to angst-riddled. Off and on he’d tell me he couldn’t have contact with me then he’d turn right around and contact me.

Ultimately the Virginia State Police concluded their scrutiny of Tony. This past June, 2011, according to Tony, my lover was reprimanded for his involvement with me and the disciplinary action taken forbid him to have contact with me for three years. I was livid. Maybe they have a right to control personnel during working hours but how dare the VSP dictate who its employees associate with even on their personal time? Tony said “It’s because it’s you.”

I rang up their IAD to hash it out. I spoke to a Sergeant acquainted with the situation but, of course, got essentially nowhere.

Tony and I discussed ways to bypass the order without risking him losing his job. I rattled off a few tactics Boomslang, JumpOut, and I use to avoid detection and records.

Tony and I remained closely connected until August 1, 2011.

(Part 2)

News Of the Wired

Charlottesville Man Gets 10 Years on Drug Charges
August 15, 2011

A Charlottesville man, who previously pleaded guilty to possessing powder cocaine, was sentenced Monday in Charlottesville.

Roderick Lee Johnson, 57, previously pleaded guilty to one count of possessing with the intent to distribute over 500 grams of powder cocaine. He was sentenced to ten years in prison and eight years of supervised release thereafter.

"Mr. Johnson has been justly punished for his role in a drug business that operated in Charlottesville for several years," United States Attorney Timothy J. Heaphy said.

Johnson was charged in January 2011 after an investigation lead [sic] authorities to believe he was involved in drug trafficking. During the execution of a search warrant at Johnson's residence, investigators discovered over half a kilogram of powder cocaine.

The investigation of the case was conducted by the Jefferson Area Drug Task Force, Albemarle County Police Department and the Albemarle County Commonwealth Attorney's Office.


(Western District of Virginia Press Release)


OMG... Hide The Epsom!

4 Arrested in Bath Salt Ring Bust
August 11, 2011

The Augusta County Sheriff's Office has arrested four people for allegedly distributing bath salts in Craigsville.

The Rush Drug Task Force raided the suspects homes and found more than $10,000 worth of the illegal drug. Over the past few weeks, multiple people in the Craigsville area have died from an overdose of these drugs.

Holly Sprouse, Billy Ryder, Timothy Lancaster and Kenneth Cash were charged with the possession of Schedule I narcotic drugs. Sprouse was also charged with distribution of the drugs.

The task force raided three homes on Augusta Springs Road and one on the 3800 block of Little Calk Pasture Highway.

Police believe the suspects were crossing state lines to buy the illegal drugs and traffic them back to the county. The Federal Drug Enforcement Administration is also involved in the investigation because of the alleged trafficking.

The Augusta County police and the DEA are continuing to investigate the case.

Okay so it wasn’t a JADE operation, but can’t you just picture members of the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force rolling around on the street slugging it out with Bath Salt Mephedrone dealers? Hahaha...

JADE Rock(s)!

Man pleads guilty to drug charges from 1 month after leaving prison

A Charlottesville man involved in a 2008 shooting of a juvenile pleaded guilty Wednesday to unrelated drug, weapons and probation violation charges.

Pee Wee Carmello Martinez, 22, pleaded guilty in Charlottesville Circuit Court to charges of possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of cocaine and a probation violation.

Martinez was arrested in February after drugs were found in a car he was traveling in, prosecutors said. He had been out of prison for less than a month at the time of his arrest.

Martinez was one of two people arrested on Feb. 21 during a traffic stop on Interstate 64 in eastern Albemarle County. Members of the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement task force found more than 2 ounces of powder cocaine in the vehicle at the time of the stop, Albemarle County Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Elliott Casey said in court Wednesday.

The driver of the car, 21-year-old Deshanta Trent of Charlottesville, was found guilty in July in Albemarle County Circuit Court on a charge of purchasing a firearm for a convicted felon, court records show.

After the pair was arrested, investigators found a loaded 9 mm handgun and an additional 3.2 grams of crack cocaine in Trent’s Charlottesville apartment, prosecutors said. Prosecutors said Trent bought the gun for Martinez in the weeks before they were arrested.

Martinez admitted after his arrest to traveling up to New York to buy drugs and said the cocaine belonged to him, Casey said. Martinez had also sold drugs to members of JADE in the weeks before the traffic stop, prosecutors said.


PD In My City

Local Law Enforcement members where I live are pretty darn nifty. Most of them are nice and the few that aren’t, aren’t mean either. Overall grade: A+

That last one’s my favorite -- picture, that is, not the officer. ;)


Tacet Thursday

40 In A 45


Boosting Gattuso Google Rankings

I added a recent picture of my Virginia State Policeman, Special Agent Anthony (Tony) Gattuso, to the sidebar of one of my other sites.

Notice just the hint of a smile on his face? The image doesn’t do him justice; he’s positively gorgeous!


News That Makes You Go “Hmm…”

Charlottesville man arrested during jail visit

A Charlottesville man was arrested on drug charges Sunday when he went to visit someone in the Charlottesville-Albemarle Regional Jail, police officials said.

The arrest comes less than five months after Indio Martinez, 22, was released from state prison for his role in a 2008 shooting of a Charlottesville teenager.

Martinez was arrested on Sunday on two counts of distribution of cocaine, according to information from the Albemarle County Police Department.

He was being held without bond Wednesday in the jail where he was arrested.

Court records show an Albemarle County grand jury indicted Martinez on the drug charges on June 6.

Albemarle County Police Sgt. Darrell Byers said jail officials called the police Sunday evening after Martinez showed up for inmate visitation.

“It is routine for the jail to check for warrants when someone comes in for visitation,” Byers said on Wednesday. “We got a call from the jail that a wanted person was in their lobby and we went over and picked him up.”

Byers said he did not know specifics about the charges against Martinez or if they are related to the drug case against his older brother, Pee Wee Carmello Martinez, also 22.

Pee Wee Carmello Martinez was arrested on Feb. 21 after members of the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement task force initiated a traffic stop on Interstate 64 in eastern Albemarle County, according to a JADE media release at the time.

At the time of Pee Wee Carmello Martinez’ arrest, investigators said there were more arrests expected in the case.


Electrochemical Cells

I remember way back when, Detective Paul Best informed me his primary role in the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement (JADE) Task Force was playing electronic handy-man; he’d fix up the dilapidated devices employed by their officers so that they would be in at least quasi-functional shape for surveillance operations. While we spoke in length about the sorry condition of much of their gear, I never thought to ask him about what powers the equipment -- a point that’s kind of weird for somebody like me, who thrives on minutia, to neglect. Too late now to fish for such information from any of their members myself.

These are the batteries utilized by the Virginia State Police (VSP) Criminal Intelligence Division (CID) Technical Support Unit (TSU):

According to my super-sexy source, the VSP are only permitted to use each electricity supplier once per investigation because they can’t risk having an old one go dead when they’re surreptitiously, say, taping a suspect confessing illegal activities to a wire-wearing snitch. Makes sense.

I’m told, however, at the Parham Road Richmond office, the voltaic piles are recycled. Upon removal they’re dropped in a box, and Special Agents and Troopers are free to take and install them in incidental contraptions non-essential to work-conducted procedures.

It may or may not be ironic that the AAs which run the camera I tote to shoot pictures of VA State Policemen and the AAAs which drive the Olympus I carry to also record them came out of that very box. It definitely is, though, in my opinion, wicked funny.


Sentencing And... Stereotyping ?

June 2011
Large meth ring operated out of Southwood trailer park
Two men are set to be sentenced today in federal court in Charlottesville for their role in a drug-trafficking pipeline that funneled Mexican methamphetamine into Southwood Mobile Home Park, according to officials.

From Southwood, the meth was parceled out for sale as far away as Lexington, according to Brian McGinn of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Virginia.

Charlottesville itself wasn’t a major market for the drug, said city police Lt. Don Campbell, who heads the local narcotics task force. Rather, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Nancy Healey, the trailer park was used as a distribution hub...
Confidential witnesses have told police that at least as early as December 2009 dealers were making the trips to Georgia...

Excessive cutting of the drug was sometimes a source of conflict among the dealers, Campbell said...

The meth coming in from Mexico is cooked in labs there, and is quite pure to start with, according to Campbell.

“It’s not the cheap biker-type meth or the meth that people cook locally,” he said.

Even people relatively low in the now-dismantled organization were selling relatively large quantities of the drug, Campbell said.

Campbell described the local operation as being led by Salmeron-Duque, with a more loosely organized group below him.

“They said that they were the main source for meth [in Central Virginia] at that time,” Campbell said.

Two other articles, neither of which mention the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force’s role:

Two Men Involved in Meth Ring Face Jail Time and Deportation

Two Men Sentenced in Connection with Albemarle County Drug Ring

Speed And State Police Don’t Mix

(I was only going to post this on my VA State Police blog, but this one gets more worldwide readership and the other has mostly statewide viewers.)

State Trooper Dies In Weekend Crash In King George County

A 28-year-old Virginia State Police trooper died on Friday night when his patrol car was struck at an intersection while he was responding to a call for assistance.

Adam M. Bowen, a resident of Warsaw, Va., was pronounced dead at the scene on Route 3 (Kings Highway) near the intersection with Madison Drive.

According to the police report, Bowen's Ford Crown Victoria patrol car was passing through the intersection westbound when it collided with a Hyundai Elantra. The patrol car left the road and struck a traffic light pole with enough impact to split the car in half. The front end continued into a parking lot and hit three vehicles.

The driver and passenger in the Hyundai Elantra that Bowen hit were transported to Mary Washington Hospital and treated for minor injuries.


The pictures of the demolished cruiser actually make me physically ill to see:

It’s heartbreaking.


Keyword Activity

In no particular order, these recent terms brought site viewers:
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Based on the amount of search hits I get daily on him, there are either an awful lot of Craig Soroktis running around or the Charlottesville guy is one popular fella.

Sometimes I think when it comes to name queries, it’s just the officers looking themselves up.

I’m a little disappointed to find out tony gattuso va ranks a sorry #48 on Google. But that’s probably because I have him on my site as Anthony Gattuso.
Tony Gattuso

Tony Gattuso

Tony Gattuso

Tony Gattuso

Tony Gattuso

Tony Gattuso

There. That oughta fix that, eh?

mystatepoliceman.blogspot. com [sic] is so very specific. I’m elated my newest blog about Richmond Petersburg Virginia State Police Special Agent Anthony (Tony) Gattuso is garnering such explicit attention.

Seeing “intellectual types,” “jade taskforce,” and “drug …” lookups together make me laugh.

I have no idea why I HeArTE JADE would appear as a result for a 37 Ford anything.

My favorite still rocks the search engine wars: