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Alt 0149

  • Jon Seitz has a brother who’s also in Law Enforcement.
  • Joe Hatter flies a Marines flag.
  • Some of Brian O’Donnell’s history as a policeman can be found here.
  • Don Campbell’s badge number is CP6.
  • Paul Best is literally the best detective in all of JADE Charlottesville.
  • John Baber’s surname was once misprinted in a media article.
  • That vest thingie Jon McKay wears looks like this.
  • John Stoltz worked the Katherine Danielle Howard case.
  • Joe Fleming has a Jamis.
  • Jimmy Bunch passes by the homes of three other TFOs on the way to his own.
  • Granville Fields carries hinged handcuffs.
  • I have to reiterate Granville Fields is Hot. As. Hell. Especially in these pants.