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Do You Realize There Is Almost An Endless Supply Of Virginia State Policemen?

I swear some law enforcement factory in an undisclosed location is just spitting these guys out by the gray and blue cruiserfuls. I’m certain of it, because, as promised, I’ve been accumulating information on, oh, this one and that one, and, like, every time I blink, up pops another this one and that one I know nothing about. I mean check out the amount of employees this Appomattox site lists. 171. In one area? And 32 Special Agents. 32! I don’t know if it’s up-to-date but, based on what I’ve gathered so far, I’m doubting it’s off by a lot.

I’m trying to learn as much as I can about as many as I can before they end the game. If you remember, I only started keeping tabs on them after they wouldn’t stop keeping tabs on me. Consider it my way of leveling the playing field.

First one of their officers I decided to familiarize myself with was Joe Rader:

Cute, isn’t he? Turns out I couldn’t have picked an easier subject. I was done and over him in less than 8 seconds. I amassed stacks of facts on him in ½ that time. What -- you think I’m kidding? Let me show you how nearly effortless it can go.

I’ll demonstrate with someone who’s VSP-connected but irrelevant to what I’m doing.
  • This is the Police Link Law Enforcement Community. A search under the term VSP produces a fair number of results. Deliberately aiming for the least difficult to uncover is no fun; I like a challenge. I’ll ignore the ones with real identities and/or pictures of themselves.
  • This is vsp221. No name, no picture. He does give his city. Wytheville. Retired. Also he likes ham radio and his callsign is W4VSP. That actually sucks. Because that is a name.
  • This is An online callsign database. Enter W4VSP into the search box. Go on, I’ll wait. Whadda ya know? Told you it was a name. Alvin E Crane, Jr. With an address. In Wytheville, VA.
Once you’ve got that much on someone, you’ve got everything.

So that’s the basic process I go through when I resort to using the Internet for investigating.

One of these days I should write about how I found out what BCI Special Agent Jason Trent’s wife looks like. I was trying to dig up something completely different, which makes the whole story extra cool. I have to tell you I was totally expecting his Mrs. to look like a Kendra Wilkinson clone. She doesn’t at all. Not that his spouse isn’t pretty, she’s just lacking the sexpot Bunny-esque-ness that I figured was more his ideal. From what I read she probably outweighs him by a good twenty IQ points, too. Right; I should hop out of the gossip gutter now.

Gosh, I haven’t even gone into what I’m up to with the Virginia State Police when I’m not on the computer. Suffice it to say it doesn’t interfere with Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement, for it’s that, not the VSP, I HeArTE.


I WANT This!

This 12 foot ladder only weighs 31 pounds and folds up to 23½ inches wide by 13 inches high by 3½ inches thick. Cost? A mere six hundred-something dollars. Still... I want it.


VSP/JADE Joe Fleming Ford Windstar DMMIJAN

Are Pictures Really Worth 1000 Words Or Does Society Simply Prefer Illiteracy?

Evidently I HeArTE JADE is becoming more “show” than “tell.” Folks who persist in visiting this word-polluted site when they have no discernable ability to read need love too.

Yeah. No. Truth is, this has little to do with analphabetism; I’m just in a picture-y mood.

What started as one of my experiments without explanation has become its own collection under the label “Random Photographs.” But those are mostly of officers. Mostly.

Therefore I thought I’d launch another category featuring police cars. Hmm… that’s kind of disingenuous. Because, really, an accurate description would be “Personal vehicles Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force and other Law Enforcement members have been in. Or near. Or on.”

I’m going to call it “RAP.” Seriously. Random Automobile Photographs.

Shut up. The name practically squeaks originality. It’s not like anyone read any of this anyway. Here, have a snapshot:

Kudro Konductivity

So I thought by now someone in Mediawood might’ve perhaps hinted at the outcome of the “internal review” Albemarle County Police Officer Eric Kudro purportedly was facing. Especially since the Taser incident was all the rage less than a month ago.

Am I the only one who doesn’t frequent Short-Attention-Span Theater?

(Eric Kudro, left, pictured with Officer William Kavanah)

Fair Play


Shall I Eat My Crow With A Fork Or A Spoon?

Okay. There’s a chance that I HeArTE JADE is not above embellishment.

Like, I might exaggerate how attractive I believe Granville Fields is. I may say that I would crawl a mile and a half on scalding tar with bloody skinned hands and knees through anthrax-tinged toxic industrial waste just to have a three second glimpse of the beautiful JADE Detective’s perfectly shaped powerful calf muscles, whereas, in actuality, I’m only willing to crawl a mile and a quarter.

But when it comes to incontrovertible facts, I try very, very, hard to keep it real. That way, any given person at any given time could check any given information I provide and find it solid. Credibility is way high on my list.

So I was massively ticked off to find out I’d made a mistake. A stupid mistake. A stupid and avoidable mistake.

I’m sure you’re dying to know what I was wrong about, aren’t you?

Jeffrey M. Terry.

To recap: I was told by somebody who’d definitely be in the know -- ahem, Officer JumpOut -- that Mr. Terry, a Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement target, had escaped prosecution. Since I, also a Task Force target, ostensibly did not fair as well as the dope man, I composed a whole bewilderment-inspired comparison in which I waxed poetic about injustices.

Now here I am with a shovel scooping up the poo left by my high horse.

Yes, I realize it’s completely my fault. I didn’t put the same effort into verification as I usually do. For one, the details I’d gotten seemed plausible; two, I had a tremendous amount of faith in my original source; and three, what can I say? I was riled up!

It just didn’t enter my mind that Jeffrey Terry would be pleading guilty in Federal Court.


When S-N-O-W Spells “Vacation”

This cataclysmal storm has really done a number on the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County. Four days after the sky coughed up hordes of flossy ice flakes across the area, the natives are grumping, VDOT is scraping mad, and I’m contemplating a counterpoison for my cabin fever.

I don’t expect the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement team is running full service at the moment, considering this is what TFO Brian O’Donnell’s route looks like:

And TFO Jon McKay’s road is, uh, somewhere under this mess of crystallized precipitation:

(Guess he’ll be off this month on the same dates he was last month):

S’pose ‘til things get back in swing I could create frozen art. Better yet, find a nice Virginia State Trooper to play with!


Cop Cleared In Collision Case, Or

Officer in car accident cleared of wrongdoing
By Tasha Kates
Published: December 19, 2009

A Charlottesville police officer who was involved in a car crash while responding to a bank robbery in November has been found not guilty of failure to yield.

After a short trial Friday in Albemarle General District Court, Judge William G. Barkley acquitted Officer Kyle Boynton, 25.

Boynton has remained on duty after the accident.

City spokesman Ric Barrick said Boynton will face an accident review board, but further information about the board’s meeting was not immediately available.



CAR Keeps JADE And Area Arrestees On Course

45-year-old Jeanette Joan Houchens is just one of several participants in the JADE Task Force’s “Catch and Release” program. The Waynesboro resident, who was arrested last month in a buy/bust operation conducted by Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement, was not prosecuted in Albemarle County General District Court this morning.

An unnamed spokesman for JADE says the CAR program was initially offered only to confidential informants but, after its growing success in letting drug peddlers back out on the streets, it expanded to include most females and other minorities. “It makes sense. Many of these people will be rearrested. If we can’t win the War on Drugs, we can at least make it look like we are” he said.

Authorities hope to eventually have all but upper-level dealers benefit from CAR. According to court records JADE is well on its way to making that happen. When asked how the project had helped her, Houchens snorted and replied “Want to buy an 8-ball?”

Too Wordy For Twitter

Sgt. John Baber lives so far out in you-sure-do-got-a-purty-mouth territory that for months none of the online maps even produced a result for his address. At long last, Google has updated to include street views in the vicinity of the svelte Baber’s and actually three other Task Force Officers’ residence. Without violating my conditions *smirk* I’ve updated the relevant entry on I HeArTE JADE to reflect that.

Noe Chagala-Mil, arrested this past January by Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement, was scheduled for sentencing this week in Albemarle. I didn’t go to the courthouse and either mainstream media representatives didn’t also or the event just wasn’t newsy enough for them to put in print. I’ll probably ring up a reporter later and see if I can get details.

I’m considering composing a tongue-in-cheek open letter to the Virginia State Police. After my last day in court(s) back in October, they were initially sporadically checking up on my activities. Because I kind of expected them to do that at least for a short stint, I thought little of it. But once a reasonable amount of time had passed with them continuing to periodically show face, my brain devoted a larger space to them. Imagine what happened when I discovered that for the majority of this month they’ve had me under daily surveillance -- hell, it’s like my cranium has turned into their condominium! I thought I’d let them know, publicly, that since they’re keeping tabs on me, I will be tabbing them back. How does “VSP ‘n Me” sound for a blog name? I think it’ll go well with the others.

As of this writing, tops Google’s return for County Officer Jon Seitz whether you’re looking for him in Albemarle or Charlottesville. Now if I could only figure out a way to get results like that with JADE’s University of Virginia (UVA) Policeman Jimmy Bunch.



On the Daniel Lee Dove newsfront, these snippets from the Daily Progress:

“Defense attorney David Baugh said in court that Dove was at the apartment to get his money back for a bag of sugar and cement sold to him as drugs.”

“Authorities testified neither drugs nor fake drugs were found in the apartment, and there weren’t any recent cell phone calls between Dove and the residents. The Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement task force knows of no drug activity in that building since 2000, authorities said, and there haven’t been 911 calls for drug problems at that address. None of the residents had ties to drugs known to law enforcement.”

“Authorities said that other buildings in the complex had been linked to drug activity.”

More To Things Than Meets The I?

December 14, 2009

Today in Albemarle County Circuit Court 29-year-old Daniel Lee Dove of Louisa received a 43 year sentence for the September 2008 death of Emilio Morales.

Morales, 17, was shot when Dove opened fire inside an apartment on Commonwealth Drive. Two other men were injured.

Subsequently Dove fled to Maryland before he was captured and returned to the state of Virginia.

In October 2009 Dove pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and numerous other charges related to the incident.

In the courtroom this afternoon Judge Thomas Wood reduced Dove’s sentence by nearly half. Dove, who apologized to both the victim’s family and his own, will serve no more than 22 years for his crimes.

Mainstream media was all over this story and I watched several online reports on it. Not so much because I cared about the event, but primarily to look for things that I am interested in. Sure enough, in the background, behind one of the newsmen, I noticed Task Force member Jon McKay’s orgasmic-blue Honda. It was parked in the same spot the attractive detective always parks it when he does business in that area. Blog forbid the man ever vary his routine even a scintilla!

If I can find the video of it, I’ll link it. In the meantime, if you were near the bricked square today around five PM you would’ve found his car exactly where it is in this picture I took eons ago:

In lieu of the presence of Officer McKay’s vehicle, I did latch onto this part of a brief article about Daniel Dove which I read on the Newsplex site:
At one point during today’s hearing, the defense argued that Morales was not so innocent. Dove’s attorney, David Baugh claimed there was drug dealing going on in the house. But police testimony squelched that argument by denying any drug activity or investigations at the home.
Excuse me, but why does Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement constantly seem to be involved in cases where drugs are not? Also, how likely is it they’d admit to “drug activity or investigations” if such got interrupted by, oh, I don’t know, say, a murder?!

“Well, your Honor, I did have the place and people under surveillance, but I was distracted by oral sex from the CI, and then after the gunshots… damn, you should’ve seen how much blood was on that cocaine! I just went ahead -- no pun intended -- and up and closed the file on it, sir.”


Car Phone

Fortunately for the JADE Task Force the cell phone was invented.

Paul Best: 434-531-8321

Granville Fields: 434-531-8318

Brian O’Donnell: 434-531-8765

Hey, Handsome, Lemme Get Yo Number

15 30 39
50 62 67
86 93


“Once it hits your lips, it’s so good!” says Eric Kudro

This is Albemarle County Police Officer Eric Kudro, of Waynesboro:

Albemarle County Police Officer Eric Kudro, of Waynesboro, has virtually nothing to do, intrinsically, with the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement (JADE) Task Force.

Why then, you ask, is Albemarle County Police Officer Eric Kudro, of Waynesboro, being featured on I HeArTE JADE when he has virtually nothing to do, intrinsically, with the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement (JADE) Task Force?

Well, then, since you asked why Albemarle County Police Officer Eric Kudro, of Waynesboro, is being featured on I HeArTE JADE when he has virtually nothing to do, intrinsically, with the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement (JADE) Task Force, I will tell you.

Now that Albemarle County Police Officer Eric Kudro, of Waynesboro, has clearly demonstrated he’s a Law Enforcement member who’s not afraid to take someone down, there’s a great possibility he has a killer future with the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement (JADE) Task Force. I just wanna be sure I get a sweet jump on that, y’all.

But mostly it’s because I haven’t touched base with Google in a couple of days.


Holiday Slay Ride

December 1995
Traffic death case centers
on Albemarle detective

CHARLOTTESVILLE -- State police are investigating an incident in which an Albemarle County detective allegedly struck and killed a woman while he was driving in an unmarked car.

Albemarle police Detective John Baber hit 56-year-old Maureen Allen D’Arcy about 10:30 p.m. Friday, according to county Police Chief John Miller.

The woman, a late-shift nurse at a nursing home, was crossing Rio Road near her apartment. She repeatedly had said she feared for her life because of the lack of sidewalks near her home on the heavily-traveled road, her co-workers said Saturday.

Baber, who has been with Albemarle police since 1987, is a detective with the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement team, police said.

The state trooper assigned to the case said Saturday that it was under investigation.
Source: Richmond Times Dispatch (hard copy) 804-649-6990

Baby, It’s C-c-c-cold Outside

I despise cold weather. Typically I try to deny the temperatures the winterness brings by wearing tanks tops and equally seasonably-unsuitable attire until the day I can no longer ignore the tingles of frostbite setting in. Today seemed to be that day. So I slipped into some skinny jeans, layered up on sweaters, added a jacket plus gloves -- gloves for goodness sake! -- and headed out to the Charlottesville Police Department to pay off some of the court costs I got slapped with for embarrassing its revered JADE Task Force team.

Somewhere near the UVA library I noticed CPD officer Todd Lucas in his Alero.

Never one to pass up an opportunity to exercise my freedom to photograph policemen in public places, I excavated a camera and, with few cars separating us, turned after the ice-blue-eyed detective. I waited for a throng of bundled-up students braving the windy chill to cross the boulevard, traveled over Graffiti Bridge, and was about to press the shutter when Mr. Lucas made a right down one of the University’s many cramped side roads. No way the driver would have failed to notice me trailing him down a constricted street like that. Nor was I much in the mood for any kind of physical encounter with him. I let the man proceed tailless.

While seeking a landing square reasonably around East Market Street, I recognized a stationary car as one belonging to a friendly local reporter. Probably he was there for some court case he was hot on. Once I found a spot for my own vehicle, I decided to include looking for the newsman on my to-do list to see if I couldn’t siphon any worthwhile scuttlebutt from him. I wrapped a colorful scarf -- scarf for goodness sake! -- under my chin and set off in the direction of 606.

I like to access the police station from the downtown mall area. ‘Cause I can easily stroll by its parking garages. ‘Cause I can tell by the cars inside who all’s on duty.

I didn’t get to peer in this time though; Detective Lucas -- yes, the same one from earlier -- was walking out of the underground law enforcement zone as I was edging the corner. He didn’t appear to realize I was me and I wasn’t tempted to test his memory. To avoid him, I casually skirted the paper machines and continued down the brickway of the agglomerated city shops.

I circled the block, entered the department from the front, and dropped some bills at the clerk’s office. I figured I’d hang until I thawed out some. I watched out the glass doors as people milled, came and went. Sgt. Mike Farruggio lumbered in. I’d taken a bunch of pictures of him at the Harrisonburg SWAT challenge; I knew caboodles about him long before then though.

A young black couple, a teeny toddler in the hands of the woman, came inside and had a brief discussion about whether “intent” was part of his charge or if it was just run-of-the-mill “possession.” The cute tot wanted to play on the payphone but her dad was disinclined to linger in the cop shop.

I observed Joe Fleming’s Impala glide down the lane, no doubt to settle at his favorite rest for it. The presence of his car prompted me to check the docket stuck to the wall for the afternoon court cases. Hail! Hail! The gang’s all here. Jimmy Bunch, Jon McKay, Jon Seitz, Tavis Coffin

I caught sight of the name Sorokti on the list, too. Craig Sorokti is another Charlottesville SWAT guy. First time I saw him, I think, was last year at a rainy-night Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement home invasion that required the tactical squad. Naturally I’d snapped shots of him in Harrisonburg also.

Returning to the four-door box that hauls me around, I believe Task Force Lt. Don Campbell and I passed by each other. I can’t say for sure though because the second it occurred to me that it might actually be him, I swung my face away and pretended to be fighting with the air currant for control of my hair. Remember, I am not supposed to have any contact whatsoever with these JADE members. And they’ve obviously no shame in whining about me.

I never did run into my reporter acquaintance but I got some nifty gossip from a cop source: the Virginia State Police cruiser that Trooper W.R. Floyd recently rolled is up at the VSP quarters off of Fontaine. I went and took photographs of it.

There’s an itsy-bitsy possibility I noted a few details about other autos in the lot besides.

A mostly uneventful day, nevertheless not the least bit uninteresting. It even warmed up some. Not enough for spaghetti straps, but, hey, there’s always tomorrow.


So Sayeth The Department Of Justice

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Warren Rucker II Was Found Guilty Of Distributing
Cocaine Following A Three-Day Jury Trial In September

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA -- A 19-year-old Fluvanna County, Va., man will spend the next 195 months in prison after being sentenced today in United States District Court for distributing powder and crack cocaine throughout the Commonwealth.

Warren Rucker II, a.k.a. “Pop”, age 19, a resident of Troy, Va., in Fluvanna County, was charged in a 10-count superseding indictment in August 2009 with multiple counts related to the drug trade. Following a three-day jury trial in September, Rucker was found guilty of one count of conspiring to distribute and possess with the intent to distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine, one count of aiding and abetting the distribution of more than five grams of crack cocaine, seven counts of distributing crack cocaine and one count of possessing a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking offense.

Today in District Court, Rucker was sentenced to 195 months of incarceration and five years of supervised release thereafter.

“Every drug dealer we take off the street brings us one step closer to achieving our goal of transforming once troubled areas of our cities into thriving communities,” United States Attorney Timothy J. Heaphy said today. “Prosecutions like this one take drug pushers who poison those communities off the streets. These cases are imperative to our office’s vision of restoring hope and safety to the communities of the Western District of Virginia.”

During trial, it was revealed that Rucker was part of a drug distribution organization that brought large amounts of powder and crack cocaine into the Charlottesville, Va. Area. At the time of his June 9, 2009 arrest, Rucker was found to be in possession of 56 grams of powder cocaine, 197 grams of crack cocaine, and a .45 caliber pistol.

The investigation of the case was conducted by Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Charlottesville Police Department, the Albermarle County Police Department and the Henry County Police Department. Assistant United States Attorney Ronald Huber and Special Assistant United States Attorney Joe Platania prosecuted the case for the United States. The United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia also assisted in the investigation.



Then News -- Now With Original Notes By JADE!

September 2008
The Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force arrested one man after finding what they call a “sophisticate marijuana grow operation” in a Crozet basement.

Members of JADE served a search warrant at 5692 Wayland Drive. According to JADE, detectives found the marijuana growing in the basement of that home.

Detectives seized two pounds of processed marijuana, 72 marijuana plants, $8,812, and three firearms.

57-year-old Melvin Michael Lee [pictured] was arrested and charged with manufacturing marijuana with the intent to distribute, possession of a firearm while being a convicted felon, and possession of a firearm while in possession of a pound or more of marijuana.



Previous News [With Previously Unpublished Follow-up]

May 2006
The Fluvanna County Sheriff’s Department along with the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force made a significant drug and gun bust today just outside of Scottsville. They busted a Fluvanna man with a significant amount of drugs, guns and money.

“It’s fairly substantial. In any case, we believe that any form of illegal drug trafficking is major. We take them all seriously,” said Fluvanna County Sheriff Ryant Washington.

Drugs, guns, money and even a mortar round. That is what investigators discovered after serving a search warrant on 65-year-old Thomas Ray Treadway’s home in the 700 block of Dobby Creek Road.

“We were able to execute a search warrant based on a criminal investigation. Based on that execution of the search warrant, we were able to ascertain the items before us such as marijuana, guns, and weapons,” Washington said.

That list of items included 33 guns, a pound of marijuana, 25 marijuana plants, and $4,000 to $5,000 in cash. After a thorough investigation, the Sheriff’s Department also discovered an old mortar round. They called out the Virginia State Police Bomb Squad to deactivate the weapon. After disrupting the shell, they discovered it was not live. Sheriff Washington said this bust should act as a deterrent for future criminals.

“We want to send a very strong message that we are going to do everything possible to combat any form of illegal drug trafficking in Fluvanna, whether it be possessing, selling, or using,” he said.

Treadway is being charged with possession of a weapon by a convicted felon and manufacturing with the intent to distribute. He is being held on a $20,000 secured bond.

If convicted, Treadway could face one to five years in prison for the weapons charges.


[In November, 2007, Treadway was convicted of manufacturing/possession of marijuana with intent, and sentenced to ten years -- nine of which were suspended. He was not prosecuted for the weapon possessed by felon charge. His total court costs and fines: $630.]


Keyword Analysis

Yesterday the great Google sent 18 “i hearte jade,” 16 “i heart jade,” and 2 “i hate jade taskforce” to me. Only a guess but I betcha those last two seekers were law enforcement looking for my site; they’re stone determined to believe I’m a cop-hater.

Most of the search terms that bring new readers here are relevant:

coke bust in charlottesville

jade task force charlottesville

detective brian o’donnell

brian lamont robinson

Some queries are applicable, yet are not:

1511 mulberry st waynesboro va

I won’t even get into the ones that are completely not -- those freaks should be searching RedTube.

I get a crazy amount of hits from people looking for policeman Eric M. Kudro. I assume the following phrases, which I’ve gotten just in the last few hours, are because of his weekend “can’t catch ‘em, taser ‘emphilosophy.

police eric kudro

eric kudro officer charlottesville va

“eric kudro” cop news

Is there any officer working in Charlottesville or Albemarle County who hasn’t electrocuted or shot somebody?