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Are Pictures Really Worth 1000 Words Or Does Society Simply Prefer Illiteracy?

Evidently I HeArTE JADE is becoming more “show” than “tell.” Folks who persist in visiting this word-polluted site when they have no discernable ability to read need love too.

Yeah. No. Truth is, this has little to do with analphabetism; I’m just in a picture-y mood.

What started as one of my experiments without explanation has become its own collection under the label “Random Photographs.” But those are mostly of officers. Mostly.

Therefore I thought I’d launch another category featuring police cars. Hmm… that’s kind of disingenuous. Because, really, an accurate description would be “Personal vehicles Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force and other Law Enforcement members have been in. Or near. Or on.”

I’m going to call it “RAP.” Seriously. Random Automobile Photographs.

Shut up. The name practically squeaks originality. It’s not like anyone read any of this anyway. Here, have a snapshot: