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Keyword Analysis

Yesterday the great Google sent 18 “i hearte jade,” 16 “i heart jade,” and 2 “i hate jade taskforce” to me. Only a guess but I betcha those last two seekers were law enforcement looking for my site; they’re stone determined to believe I’m a cop-hater.

Most of the search terms that bring new readers here are relevant:

coke bust in charlottesville

jade task force charlottesville

detective brian o’donnell

brian lamont robinson

Some queries are applicable, yet are not:

1511 mulberry st waynesboro va

I won’t even get into the ones that are completely not -- those freaks should be searching RedTube.

I get a crazy amount of hits from people looking for policeman Eric M. Kudro. I assume the following phrases, which I’ve gotten just in the last few hours, are because of his weekend “can’t catch ‘em, taser ‘emphilosophy.

police eric kudro

eric kudro officer charlottesville va

“eric kudro” cop news

Is there any officer working in Charlottesville or Albemarle County who hasn’t electrocuted or shot somebody?