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When S-N-O-W Spells “Vacation”

This cataclysmal storm has really done a number on the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County. Four days after the sky coughed up hordes of flossy ice flakes across the area, the natives are grumping, VDOT is scraping mad, and I’m contemplating a counterpoison for my cabin fever.

I don’t expect the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement team is running full service at the moment, considering this is what TFO Brian O’Donnell’s route looks like:

And TFO Jon McKay’s road is, uh, somewhere under this mess of crystallized precipitation:

(Guess he’ll be off this month on the same dates he was last month):

S’pose ‘til things get back in swing I could create frozen art. Better yet, find a nice Virginia State Trooper to play with!