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More To Things Than Meets The I?

December 14, 2009

Today in Albemarle County Circuit Court 29-year-old Daniel Lee Dove of Louisa received a 43 year sentence for the September 2008 death of Emilio Morales.

Morales, 17, was shot when Dove opened fire inside an apartment on Commonwealth Drive. Two other men were injured.

Subsequently Dove fled to Maryland before he was captured and returned to the state of Virginia.

In October 2009 Dove pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and numerous other charges related to the incident.

In the courtroom this afternoon Judge Thomas Wood reduced Dove’s sentence by nearly half. Dove, who apologized to both the victim’s family and his own, will serve no more than 22 years for his crimes.

Mainstream media was all over this story and I watched several online reports on it. Not so much because I cared about the event, but primarily to look for things that I am interested in. Sure enough, in the background, behind one of the newsmen, I noticed Task Force member Jon McKay’s orgasmic-blue Honda. It was parked in the same spot the attractive detective always parks it when he does business in that area. Blog forbid the man ever vary his routine even a scintilla!

If I can find the video of it, I’ll link it. In the meantime, if you were near the bricked square today around five PM you would’ve found his car exactly where it is in this picture I took eons ago:

In lieu of the presence of Officer McKay’s vehicle, I did latch onto this part of a brief article about Daniel Dove which I read on the Newsplex site:
At one point during today’s hearing, the defense argued that Morales was not so innocent. Dove’s attorney, David Baugh claimed there was drug dealing going on in the house. But police testimony squelched that argument by denying any drug activity or investigations at the home.
Excuse me, but why does Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement constantly seem to be involved in cases where drugs are not? Also, how likely is it they’d admit to “drug activity or investigations” if such got interrupted by, oh, I don’t know, say, a murder?!

“Well, your Honor, I did have the place and people under surveillance, but I was distracted by oral sex from the CI, and then after the gunshots… damn, you should’ve seen how much blood was on that cocaine! I just went ahead -- no pun intended -- and up and closed the file on it, sir.”