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Do You Realize There Is Almost An Endless Supply Of Virginia State Policemen?

I swear some law enforcement factory in an undisclosed location is just spitting these guys out by the gray and blue cruiserfuls. I’m certain of it, because, as promised, I’ve been accumulating information on, oh, this one and that one, and, like, every time I blink, up pops another this one and that one I know nothing about. I mean check out the amount of employees this Appomattox site lists. 171. In one area? And 32 Special Agents. 32! I don’t know if it’s up-to-date but, based on what I’ve gathered so far, I’m doubting it’s off by a lot.

I’m trying to learn as much as I can about as many as I can before they end the game. If you remember, I only started keeping tabs on them after they wouldn’t stop keeping tabs on me. Consider it my way of leveling the playing field.

First one of their officers I decided to familiarize myself with was Joe Rader:

Cute, isn’t he? Turns out I couldn’t have picked an easier subject. I was done and over him in less than 8 seconds. I amassed stacks of facts on him in ½ that time. What -- you think I’m kidding? Let me show you how nearly effortless it can go.

I’ll demonstrate with someone who’s VSP-connected but irrelevant to what I’m doing.
  • This is the Police Link Law Enforcement Community. A search under the term VSP produces a fair number of results. Deliberately aiming for the least difficult to uncover is no fun; I like a challenge. I’ll ignore the ones with real identities and/or pictures of themselves.
  • This is vsp221. No name, no picture. He does give his city. Wytheville. Retired. Also he likes ham radio and his callsign is W4VSP. That actually sucks. Because that is a name.
  • This is An online callsign database. Enter W4VSP into the search box. Go on, I’ll wait. Whadda ya know? Told you it was a name. Alvin E Crane, Jr. With an address. In Wytheville, VA.
Once you’ve got that much on someone, you’ve got everything.

So that’s the basic process I go through when I resort to using the Internet for investigating.

One of these days I should write about how I found out what BCI Special Agent Jason Trent’s wife looks like. I was trying to dig up something completely different, which makes the whole story extra cool. I have to tell you I was totally expecting his Mrs. to look like a Kendra Wilkinson clone. She doesn’t at all. Not that his spouse isn’t pretty, she’s just lacking the sexpot Bunny-esque-ness that I figured was more his ideal. From what I read she probably outweighs him by a good twenty IQ points, too. Right; I should hop out of the gossip gutter now.

Gosh, I haven’t even gone into what I’m up to with the Virginia State Police when I’m not on the computer. Suffice it to say it doesn’t interfere with Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement, for it’s that, not the VSP, I HeArTE.