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“Conditioned On The Following Conditions”

I was thinking about the future content of I HeArTE JADE. As I earlier expressed, I’ve lots of narrative in me. This is essentially the only place where I have a voice and, as importantly, control over my words. (I’ll go into details eventually but suffice it to say for now, my experience with the mainstream -- and even the offstream -- media has been at best disheartening and at worst infuriating.) That being said, though the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force and their do-girls didn’t succeed in taking out the site, they have crippled it. Due to the plea agreement that I accepted, forthcoming posts will have to be tempered. The conditions are:

a) No contact, direct or indirect, with JADE officers or VSP Special Agent Jason Trent and their immediate families. Prohibited means of contact include, without being limited to, oral, written email, following, or by conducting surveillance by any means.

b) Cease and desist from being physically present at, in, or around any JADE-conducted law enforcement activity.

c) Remain off [and] away from the premises of JADE and not approach within 300 yards of such premises.

d) Remain off and away from the residences of JADE officers and VSP Special Agent Jason Trent and not approach within 300 yards of such residences.

e) Do not publish by any means the picture and/or residential address of JADE officers, VSP Special Agent Jason Trent or their immediate families.

f) Two years of good behavior.
Naturally I see tremendous potential for whimsical mockery as it’s written -- may take a crack at that later -- and in less than 30 seconds whipped up an equal number of loopholes to get around the restrictions if I wanted to. (And since I know there’s at minimum two of you foaming at the mouth about the deviousness of my thinking up ways to foil legal bindings, first read this, then check out the plethora of police officers who thwart the Supreme Court ruling. There’s plenty of them.)

The point is these restraints do limit me and I want readers to know why there may be a noticeable difference in my entries. A post like Good Morning, Special Agent Trent!, if published today, might break rule “a)” as would putting up a picture of wanna-be-Sheriff Paul Best violate “e)” even if the image was taken months ago.

I’m certainly capable of being good. I do have to ask though: with me not blogging freely anymore, how are they going to know what I’m up to? At least before they had some semblance of my activities. Now they’ll have none.