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Shall I Eat My Crow With A Fork Or A Spoon?

Okay. There’s a chance that I HeArTE JADE is not above embellishment.

Like, I might exaggerate how attractive I believe Granville Fields is. I may say that I would crawl a mile and a half on scalding tar with bloody skinned hands and knees through anthrax-tinged toxic industrial waste just to have a three second glimpse of the beautiful JADE Detective’s perfectly shaped powerful calf muscles, whereas, in actuality, I’m only willing to crawl a mile and a quarter.

But when it comes to incontrovertible facts, I try very, very, hard to keep it real. That way, any given person at any given time could check any given information I provide and find it solid. Credibility is way high on my list.

So I was massively ticked off to find out I’d made a mistake. A stupid mistake. A stupid and avoidable mistake.

I’m sure you’re dying to know what I was wrong about, aren’t you?

Jeffrey M. Terry.

To recap: I was told by somebody who’d definitely be in the know -- ahem, Officer JumpOut -- that Mr. Terry, a Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement target, had escaped prosecution. Since I, also a Task Force target, ostensibly did not fair as well as the dope man, I composed a whole bewilderment-inspired comparison in which I waxed poetic about injustices.

Now here I am with a shovel scooping up the poo left by my high horse.

Yes, I realize it’s completely my fault. I didn’t put the same effort into verification as I usually do. For one, the details I’d gotten seemed plausible; two, I had a tremendous amount of faith in my original source; and three, what can I say? I was riled up!

It just didn’t enter my mind that Jeffrey Terry would be pleading guilty in Federal Court.