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Holiday Slay Ride

December 1995
Traffic death case centers
on Albemarle detective

CHARLOTTESVILLE -- State police are investigating an incident in which an Albemarle County detective allegedly struck and killed a woman while he was driving in an unmarked car.

Albemarle police Detective John Baber hit 56-year-old Maureen Allen D’Arcy about 10:30 p.m. Friday, according to county Police Chief John Miller.

The woman, a late-shift nurse at a nursing home, was crossing Rio Road near her apartment. She repeatedly had said she feared for her life because of the lack of sidewalks near her home on the heavily-traveled road, her co-workers said Saturday.

Baber, who has been with Albemarle police since 1987, is a detective with the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement team, police said.

The state trooper assigned to the case said Saturday that it was under investigation.
Source: Richmond Times Dispatch (hard copy) 804-649-6990