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Too Wordy For Twitter

Sgt. John Baber lives so far out in you-sure-do-got-a-purty-mouth territory that for months none of the online maps even produced a result for his address. At long last, Google has updated to include street views in the vicinity of the svelte Baber’s and actually three other Task Force Officers’ residence. Without violating my conditions *smirk* I’ve updated the relevant entry on I HeArTE JADE to reflect that.

Noe Chagala-Mil, arrested this past January by Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement, was scheduled for sentencing this week in Albemarle. I didn’t go to the courthouse and either mainstream media representatives didn’t also or the event just wasn’t newsy enough for them to put in print. I’ll probably ring up a reporter later and see if I can get details.

I’m considering composing a tongue-in-cheek open letter to the Virginia State Police. After my last day in court(s) back in October, they were initially sporadically checking up on my activities. Because I kind of expected them to do that at least for a short stint, I thought little of it. But once a reasonable amount of time had passed with them continuing to periodically show face, my brain devoted a larger space to them. Imagine what happened when I discovered that for the majority of this month they’ve had me under daily surveillance -- hell, it’s like my cranium has turned into their condominium! I thought I’d let them know, publicly, that since they’re keeping tabs on me, I will be tabbing them back. How does “VSP ‘n Me” sound for a blog name? I think it’ll go well with the others.

As of this writing, tops Google’s return for County Officer Jon Seitz whether you’re looking for him in Albemarle or Charlottesville. Now if I could only figure out a way to get results like that with JADE’s University of Virginia (UVA) Policeman Jimmy Bunch.