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I Hear Curacao Calling My Name

It’s dumped just enough snow to be irritating on the area this weekend. It, exacerbated by the turn-the-streets-into-sheets-of-icy-glass temperature, has left me trapped inside pining away for the day the climate is pleasant enough for me to don a fabulous dress like this:

which I found at the Charlottesville downtown mall immediately after the icebergs from the last storm melted. I didn’t buy it but I really, really, really wanted to. I could so see it matched with a pair of strappy Gucci heels, a loose updo, and… right, fashion has absolutely nothing to do with the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force.

I had someone tell me recently he misses me writing about JADE. Seems mostly what I do now is post images -- of non-JADE and Virginia State Police officers, at that. Indeed. Because I, both fortunately and unfortunately, am intimately acquainted with the powers that be in that I am aware anything I say will be twisted against me by Law Enforcement.

So, rather than whip up a report about the time I/They/We -- something I would’ve ordinarily done ‘til this inclement weather had passed -- JADE and S/A Jason Trent have forced me to find other means of self-entertainment. While I am currently free to share most of that, the problem is incorporating it here at the same time keeping the site on topic. Since I’ve already multiply mentioned the Task Force utilizes local SWAT teams, things relating to them blend in with I HeArTE JADE to a decent degree. Hence the pictures of Charlottesville Sergeant Mike Farruggio.

That one of him there is from some tactical exercise the CPD did at an about-to-be-demolished building. I love the quotation marks around “unarmed,” as if the, mhmm, cardboard isn’t actually unarmed.

Maybe if I do that to “snowfall,” yesterday’s won’t be real either.