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There Will Be No Back To The Drawing Board For Me

Way back when, before I became the old and senile misfit I am today, I used to draw. A lot. On everything. Everywhere. When my scribbles began appearing as permanent exhibitions on the bodies of my teenaged peers -- including a fabulous design on the leg of her son -- a friend’s mother even offered to pay any or all expenses for me to attend a kickin’ art institution. She was that convinced I was talented. As was the school. Me? Not so much.

It’s been years since I picked up a pencil with the intention of sketching anything specific but, out of curiosity, I thought I’d try my hand at it again. Is it possible to forget how to do it?

My first stab was VSP Special Agent Jason Trent. (Edited to remove image.) Might’ve passed for a sorry police composite, I guess. Mr. Trent is actually handsome for a young guy, and I thoroughly completely failed to capture that in my rendering. It didn’t help that the picture I took of it was all blurry, either.

Second shot, JADE Detective Granville Fields:

Better, I think. But mainly just a reminder of why I turned down the college proposal.