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Meet 37-year-old James Chad Vernon.

Guess he’s shy. That might explain his managing to avoid any media coverage.

Ah, here he is. Much better.

James Chad Vernon is a Virginia State Police Trooper.

Though Trooper Vernon lives in Fluvanna County, Palmyra to be exact, I’ve been informed he’s attached to the VSP Division I Area 4 office which covers counties Goochland and Louisa. He works midnight shift -- this week, at any rate.

Ordinarily I ignore the spouses of officers I’m researching but it happens that Trooper Vernon’s lady is quite the cyber-chatterbox. Honestly I wasn’t sure there was a connection ‘til I saw the patch in the picture she put up on the ‘net of the laundry pile.

On one of his wife’s blogs, among banal posts about her kids, Project Runway, and Britney Spears not being newsworthy, she snubs the “gross” homeless and objurgates a VSP Trooper for ticketing her.

Actually, it was two tickets, but I got out of both of them in court. This guy was a jerk, and some of Chad's fellow troopers have razzed him for ticketing another trooper's wife.

I tend to believe that “I got out of” is not the way an innocent person would put it. Even better, I think, though, is her next statement concerning the citation-giving Trooper.

I have a feeling some not-so-nice words about his roadside demeanor will somehow eek [sic] out.

That stuff right there, nifty people, is a mighty fine display of what I like to call a crack in the notorious Thin Blue Line. Most folks probably don’t notice them, or believe they exist, but me? I live for cracks like that. Why? Because the best sources leak from those cracks. Sweariously. So good are they, a person can even overlook the wrongness of a woman who feels she’s above the law merely because she’s married to someone who, ironically, is sworn to uphold the law.

Mrs. Trooper Vernon has other sites but she’s got them under lock and key. Of course there are ways around those “invited readers only” things. After her privilegistic -- hush, it should be a word! -- attitude on the formerly unblocked blog, I did wonder what was behind her But once I discovered on it that Oprah tells her what stories to get excited about, my inquisitiveness slacked to a standstill. The overall blandness of LEO wives is something I cannot tolerate for long.

Last thing I checked was Facebook. Hi Chad!