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Dear Thug

Using the blogger navbar to send death threats to me is very clever. You get extra credit. Clearly you’ve read that I keep track of site searches. However, what you apparently did not read is that I do not respond well to intimidation and bullying. So if you thought you could terrorize me into stopping, have I got news for you! Your efforts only increase mine.

I do realize that you realize you can direct your intentions of murder at me with no fear of punishment. After all you are in Law Enforcement, aren’t you? Because only a cop would bother to threaten me over I HeArTE JADE. In fact, based on the details of your activity, I would go so far as to say you’re an officer with the Albemarle County Police Department.

Is this you?

Or are you him?

This guy maybe?

Ah, well, I’ll figure it out one way or another. Until then I guess I’ll have to go back to routinely making use of the Second Amendment -- something that, up until you came along, I hadn’t felt compelled to do.

Gee, that’s pretty much the way I’m looking at it too.

P.S. If you want decent search results, next time try spelling his name right.