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Single Sentence Randomness

If I were a snitch I would not want to be seen in broad daylight in prison stripes and handcuffs being escorted by JADE through their parking lot and into their office building.

Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement seriously put a hurtin’ on the local drug world when they busted marijuana mogul Jeremy Manning-Smith.

Courtesy of an I HeArTE JADE reader I have a handy new gadget that makes procurement of this document better than ever.

I’m starting to think this site should have a “Derrière Day” featuring Virginia State Troopers.

Kiss-kiss-kisses to Task Force Officers Don Campbell, John Baber, Jon Seitz, Jon McKay, Tavis Coffin, Joe Hatter, Granville Fields, Brian O’Donnell, Paul Best, Joe Fleming, Jimmy Bunch, and John Stoltz, and VSP Bureau of Criminal Investigation Special Agent Jason Trent; after 14 months, 300 entries, and 1 cheezball arrest, profile views hit the 10,000 mark.