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Hacking, as it turns out, is basically computer programming.

Content I’ve reasonably grasped the English language, I’ve moved on to better understanding the language of computers. I was getting all proud of myself with what I’ve managed as yet, until…

I had an idea to simplify changing internal I HeArTE JADE links and with my first attempt demolished all the intralinks on my site.

(Insert string of obscenities here.)

So. I haven’t decided whether I want to figure out what I did wrong and give it another en masse go, or just fix each post one by gosh darn one. I dislike having 298 entries with broken pieces but I am blender-brained from “learning overload” and I have neato things to do tomor… uh, guess that would be “today” now. At any rate, I’ll repair the damage. Just not at this moment. Or the rest of Thursday.

I never tire of these flaky failures of mine.