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I was practicin’ my invisibleness. How’d it go? you ask. Not sure; maybe someone like Spot the adorable could tell you.


JADE seems to be making an awful lot of Ay-rests lately that aren’t making news. Typical, I suppose. Out of 167 arrests credited to Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement in 2007, less than a dozen got coverage. (At the end of that year local rag The Hook used a one-liner to ridicule the Task Force for bragging about a 10 gram cocaine seizure.) 2008 saw a miniscule increase in reports. For the most part JADE is untouched by the media. That’s one of those “Secondary” type things I’m methodically exploring these days.

Realizing I neglected to make a copy of a document, I revisited the source. I expected to find Truck’s name on the record but, to my astonishment, now in its place is a woman’s. In lieu of the evidence that nothing else has changed to explain the switch, I’m going with it being the detective’s girlfriend -- whose name I did not have and did not want. Looks like in his effort to prevent people from scraping up any of his personal information in the future, Truck has actually managed to provide folks with more. So, um, yeah, that was m-f-ing brilliant of him.

Boomslang -- I told you he’d be back -- mentioned I HeArTE JADE is under boycott. The theory is that if it doesn’t get any readers, I’ll abandon it. Really? Really? Hey, someone let me know how that works out.