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Don’t Say He “Makes Poor Choices,” Say He “Inspires Policy Changes”

Remember that Taser incident involving Albemarle County policeman Eric Kudro? The County, here several months later, has pulled a nice public relations move. They’ve revised their policy regarding Taser usage. Officially, no longer will their officers be permitted to use the electrical device on handcuffed or fleeing prisoners.

It seems to me what they’re basically saying is that they don’t trust the members of their force to make good decisions in bad situations -- which, bottom line, really sucks for officer morale. But I admit I look at things a little bit different than most. The Hook has a more in-depth article -- with a catchy headline -- that probably better reflects majority thinking. The most notable thing in their piece, as far as I’m concerned, is the unnamed “senior law enforcement official” who proves, once again, that, in private, cops do turn on each other.

As for the undisciplined Mr. Kudro, I still think he’s got a great future with JADE.