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I Believe I Need A Pet Bunny

So a reporter informed me what I allegedly did to earn myself a “Violation Of Court Order” arrest: followed JADE from “a point near” the Task Force headquarters in Charlottesville to the County of Albemarle.

Information regarding the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement officer or possibly officers making the accusation is nowhere to be found in the public record -- no identity or identities of Law Enforcement, no time the violation supposedly occurred, no description of the JADE vehicle, no nothin’. Even the location of “point near” is absent.

You can catch the latest article by The Hook about the situation, here, and, if you’re desperate for more of my crummy writing or my unpopular opinions, I’ve got a couple of comments underneath the piece you could check out.

At the moment, when I think about being under arrest and not having to be told for what, and being deliberately prevented, along with nearly everyone else, from knowing whom my accuser is, and politico Rob Bell’s misusing me to enact a new law that exempts policemen from something each and every other citizen is subjected to, and too much of the general population’s outrage over my completely legal activities and site, all I can hear is the Bush Administration’s words “they hate us for our freedoms.” Freedoms, huh? Oh reality, where art thou?