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So “Bleh” It Doesn’t Even Deserve A Title

My judicial business in Albemarle County today was uneventful. A reporter showed up, seeming as bored with my case as I. The Commonwealth Attorney changed the charge against me from Virginia Code 18-dot-this-or-that to Virginia Code 19-point-whatever-whatever -- “violation of suspended sentence” or something, I don’t know -- which I’m guessing she did for the purpose of lengthier-sentence leverage, maybe? I still have no idea which JADE member(s) made this latest allegation, nor any other, you know, pertinent details about it. On the plus side, I have the same lawyer I had last time. Oh, and the Sheriff’s Officer who was on metal detector duty was absolute yum! Like almost on par with Granville Fields yum. Next court date: May 18th.