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Meh. I Just Got Arrested.

Yes, again. This time for… wait for it

“Violation of Court Order.”

As. If.

The midday apprehension and resultant was drastically different from last year’s morning debacle. It’s remarkable how much better things go when there is no raid, and the arresting officer isn’t antagonistic and BS-ing the magistrate, and the magistrate isn’t a self-important buttbomb, and all the jailers are nice while performing their duties.

No one -- not the arresting officer, not the magistrate, not the jailers -- could inform me how I allegedly violated the Court Order, or when. Because the warrant doesn’t specify such. Which is more than absurd. Think about it: imagine you’re charged with breaking the law and when you ask what law it is you broke, the authorities say “I dunno; you’ll find out eventually.”

What. Ev. Er.

Aside from that retardedness, I also learned that somewhere along the line since their previous attempt to shut down this site, Law Enforcement added my name to their database of gang members.

Come. On.

I mean, I’ve heard of a one-man-band but a one-woman-gang? Desperate, devious, vindictive, little punks. I gotta hand it to ‘em though, it’s a good ploy to get cops I might encounter to be unreasonably aggressive towards me. I tell ya, if, after being pulled over for a burnt-out taillight or equally trivial matter, I get torn out of my car, smashed to the ground and unceremoniously ransacked because the policeman thinks I’m Los Zetas, I am so going to blog about it!

In short, I’m free (obviously) on a $2000.00 unsecured -- as in, no money required -- bond with nada unjust stipulations, under unofficial obligation to keep a certain (awesome) person off I HeArTE JADE, and have a court date in Albemarle County the middle of next month.