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Warm Fuzzies Go Fabulous With Warm Weather

To put my own personal touch on April Fools’ Day, I set I HeArTE JADE to private -- which, in Bloggyland, means without a cyber-invitation, readers can’t access the site.

Guess not everyone put one and one together and got me because Oh Em Gee. I received emails about it. And phone calls. I know, right? Like, people actually are interested in the quirky things I do and write about. Enough to send me emails. And call.

So what if the reason most of y’all are hooked is probably because you think I’m a psycho stalker with a penchant for policemen and you’re wishing waiting for me to end up dead, in a dumpster, rolled up in butcher block paper, as punishment? The point is: you’re hooked.

I. Love you. But not in that psycho stalker way. Unless you’re a policeman. Even then, nah, not really.