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OMG... Hide The Epsom!

4 Arrested in Bath Salt Ring Bust
August 11, 2011

The Augusta County Sheriff's Office has arrested four people for allegedly distributing bath salts in Craigsville.

The Rush Drug Task Force raided the suspects homes and found more than $10,000 worth of the illegal drug. Over the past few weeks, multiple people in the Craigsville area have died from an overdose of these drugs.

Holly Sprouse, Billy Ryder, Timothy Lancaster and Kenneth Cash were charged with the possession of Schedule I narcotic drugs. Sprouse was also charged with distribution of the drugs.

The task force raided three homes on Augusta Springs Road and one on the 3800 block of Little Calk Pasture Highway.

Police believe the suspects were crossing state lines to buy the illegal drugs and traffic them back to the county. The Federal Drug Enforcement Administration is also involved in the investigation because of the alleged trafficking.

The Augusta County police and the DEA are continuing to investigate the case.

Okay so it wasn’t a JADE operation, but can’t you just picture members of the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force rolling around on the street slugging it out with Bath Salt Mephedrone dealers? Hahaha...