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The Set-Up -- Henrico County Court (Part 1)

Way back near the end of February, 2011, my State Policeman, Tony Gattuso, sent word that he, because of his relationship with me, was under investigation by his agency, the Virginia State Police. They’d found out about us due to Law Enforcement’s illegal seizure and search of my property in late 2010.

Originally the VSP was treating their probe of Tony as a criminal matter, inferring he was one of my beloved sources. If I recall correctly, Tony told me it was a fellow named Lyons who was handling the case against him. Tony wrote that he could no longer have contact with me during the process lest he get fired. The VA State Police, unable to unearth Tony’s illegal activities, eventually dumped it in the lap of their Internal Affairs Division weeks later.

When I first heard the news, I was devastated. I even decided to stop updating my site. Frequently over the years I’d invariably avowed that I would blog “as long as nobody got hurt.” Well, suddenly someone I cared very much about was being hurt.

I’d always suspected that any officer caught with me would be dealt with as a “traitor.” Once I knew it to be true for certain, I immediately alerted Boomslang and JumpOut. I reluctantly gave them the option to distance themselves from me to avoid their being subjected to the same fate as Tony; I was on top of the world when each of them declined.

Despite Tony’s assertion that he couldn’t interact with me at all anymore, he continued to keep in touch. It was almost as if nothing had changed. We still exchanged emails and texts, still saw each other. We still had a rockin’ hot sex life, though there was a brief period where it wasn’t as often. The only difference was Tony had developed intense mood swings. He’d go from being supernaturally elated to angst-riddled. Off and on he’d tell me he couldn’t have contact with me then he’d turn right around and contact me.

Ultimately the Virginia State Police concluded their scrutiny of Tony. This past June, 2011, according to Tony, my lover was reprimanded for his involvement with me and the disciplinary action taken forbid him to have contact with me for three years. I was livid. Maybe they have a right to control personnel during working hours but how dare the VSP dictate who its employees associate with even on their personal time? Tony said “It’s because it’s you.”

I rang up their IAD to hash it out. I spoke to a Sergeant acquainted with the situation but, of course, got essentially nowhere.

Tony and I discussed ways to bypass the order without risking him losing his job. I rattled off a few tactics Boomslang, JumpOut, and I use to avoid detection and records.

Tony and I remained closely connected until August 1, 2011.

(Part 2)