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I’m Gonna Have To Stop Typing About The Guy ‘Cause I’m Running Out Of Ideas For Post Titles On Him

I’m getting comments about Eric Kudro.

One reader emailed (links added by me for context):
Kudro's a mess! I read the post where he took some popo driving course, so that makes him doubly ridiculous hahahaa. Can't wait to find out if he was texting, reaching for a waffle he dropped or just what. I wonder if he's going to be applying for unemployment soon or if the car wreck was just karma.
I predict -- based on the, granted limited, information I have -- that Officer Kudro, with the assistance of an attorney, will dispute the citation in court. The judge, who normally would always side with the ticketing officer, won’t want to leave a permanent black mark on the record of a member of Law Enforcement, therefore he’ll find in favor of Officer Kudro.

The ticketing officer will win for appearing to not let the badge of his fellow lawman influence his decision of who was at fault, Officer Kudro will win because he’ll get away with the offense, and the judge will win because neither officer will be upset or occupationally harmed by his ruling.

I doubt the media will do a follow-up on this reckless driving charge, and I like to see things through, so I’m tempted to go to court and observe.

Another reader -- and, presumably, an actual acquaintance of Mr. Kudro -- extolled the virtues and brought up a few personal struggles of the Albemarle County policeman. I won’t quote what the correspondent wrote because it’d be dirty to publicly dish it. The gist is that Mr. Kudro is a fine, fine, man and I ought not pick on him because, aw, woe, hasn’t he suffered enough?

It does my ego good that someone feels my opinion of Eric Kudro matters to Eric Kudro, but let’s be for real here; I have no effect on his life whatsoever. I also tend to think Mr. Kudro, if he’s even paying I HeArTE JADE any attention, can probably handle my ribbing him. If he can’t, well, he has no effect on my life whatsoever. Of course I state that with fingers crossed that I never find my body in range of his Taser or my car parked on any route he drives his vehicle.