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Celebrity Dead Girls And The Rot That Follow Them

“Blink” and her followers at the website have apparently decided the latest target for their vitriol and inane comments *is me. Aw, gee, aren’t I lucky?

It still strikes me that these people sit on their Morgan Harrington forums of choice expressing shock and horror at the cruelness of people in the world they live in yet they don’t even blink at being cruel themselves. It’s amazing. And sad. Extremely sad.

Unlike they did with me -- most who’ve followed the Blink On Crime link spent less than two minutes on I HeArTE JADE -- I thought I’d learn a bit about them before I started tapping away at my keyboard.

Let’s see, pop-overs strictly courtesy of “Blink” included Miss Wilma who resides in Lawrence, Kansas, and the woman in Texas who has not only an affinity for the deceased Morgan Harrington but also Angie Samota, and the guy in the same State who’s connected to the Bureau of Economic Geology… “Blink” sure has a wide variety of readers. Recognize yourself? That’s right, BOC muffins: you may be anonymous over there but over here you are not. Once ya clicked, I got ya. And I bet y’all trusted “Blink” to protect your privacy.

Truth be told, I don’t particularly give a dern that she and they would choose to be outright thoughtless or mean to me, a stranger -- yeah, I totally believe every one of them would’ve helped a drunk, hitchhiking, Metallica-loving Morgan Harrington if they’d seen her that night. What I do mind is that my visitor hits are being skewed by their invasion.

Hmm… you think I can get a list of all her supporters before she removes all the links from her site to mine?

*Original offensive post by “Ragdoll” edited since this publication.