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Terrible-Pics Thursday

Generally for an I HeArTE JADE entry of this style, I just publish whatever images with little to no explanation. Which probably does nothing to convince anyone I’m not crazy. This time I’m adding bits of elucidative commentary. Which probably does nothing to convince anyone I’m not crazy. So, fine.

I used to look at people’s poor quality photographs and wonder why they’d share such bad pictures. I’ve since realized that even the worst snapshots can mean something to somebody. They may make for a good timeline, bring to mind the details of a particular event or place, even feelings and sensations can be rekindled. I have a fair amount of flawed stills but I like them absolutely as much as those that came out perfect.

When I officially kicked off my JADE project -- back in -- ohmygodyouguys -- 2008 -- this is the very first photograph I took:

I know, right? The very first photograph I took and it looks like that. I shoulda seen it as a sign of things to come.

Two uniformed policemen entering the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement office:

Later, after an hour in the rain, at night, standing by a truck, I learnt they’re on the Charlottesville SWAT team with JADE Sgt. Joe Hatter.

When JADE members conducted an operation alongside the Virginia State Police:

And, no, that is not the Task Force’s VSP fierceness Joe Fleming. But…

Somewhere under the rainbow is Joe Fleming:

There’s an artful story to that -- which includes Granville Fields, Don Campbell, Paul Best, and a white pick-up -- but I’ve never gotten around to typing it out.

This Altima contains Jon Seitz, on his way from meeting a so-called Confidential Informant:

I dubbed that CI “Miller” because once, subsequent to getting together with Detective Seitz at the Ix building, he stopped at a local convenience store and bought two twelve-packs of beer. It wasn’t the purchase of the alcohol, however, that earned him the nickname; it was his flinging the empty cans out his car window as he cruised down I-64.

I have no remark for this one:

Except “oops.” Plus “it was your fault.”

A result of the long term effects of JADE-watching:

Getting acquainted with the dealers, too.