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I love the band Deer Tick. I have listened to their version of this one song countless times but only this morning did I catch these particular lyrics:

I know the police cause you trouble,
They cause trouble everywhere.

But when you die and go to Heaven,

You’ll find, there’s no policemen there.

____________ ____________

Twice in one day members of Law Enforcement told me “no” I could not take a picture of their respective cars. One is a Trooper with the Virginia State Police -- story pending, and the other an Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Have photographs and audio of Tpr. VSP. So there! Agent FBI? So he’s-allowed-to-tell-me-no-because-I-adore-him. Shame both of them couldn’t have been as congenial as this officer.

____________ ____________

I just found out Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo wears reading glasses. I’m unsure if he uses them out of necessity or merely so he can drama profoundness when he pulls them from his face.

____________ ____________

Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Detective Jon McKay passed me as I was leaving Court Square. Holy you-know-what -- somebody give that man a razor already! My aphrodisiacal Porn Star has turned into out-of-work actor Scruffy D’Dawgg. Eww…

____________ ____________

I’ve decided it’s only State Police Investigators that are built like Goliaths -- à la Joe all-legs Fleming and the hefty Jason Trent. Garden-variety Troopers, not so much. Sure they can’t all be over six feet in stature, but I think the fellas should meet some kind of minimum height requirement. Like they have at carnivals: You must be taller than your vehicle or you don’t ride.