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I’m Not Mad, And I’m The One It Happened To!

All right, unsettled people, the Trooper Doss story? ‘Twas supposed to be funny. The situation was funny. To me, anyway. But I got email. One here. One there. Then plentiful. From a variety of folks. Who apparently didn’t much find the humor in the Trooper abusing his power and detaining me for photography. One person wrote that it “truly bothers” him, another stated “my blood was boiling while I read it,” and someone else suggested I “march into the virginia state police barracks and raise hell.”


It’s not as if I don’t believe Mr. Doss was 100% wrong for pulling me over, I just feel the event and he are more worthy of blithe ridicule than anger or disappointment.

I giggled when it was going down. I giggled when I wrote up the piece about it. I giggled when I posted it. The only part I did not -- do not -- appreciate is the “caution,” but the Trooper isn’t responsible for the existence of that.

So, darnit, laugh at my unlawful traffic stop! Otherwise I’ll be compelled to take the narrative down.