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As readers might have noticed, here I am once more.

There’s a long, complex, story behind my absence but, for the sake of prudence, I’ll keep it quasi-short -- for now. I’ve always maintained I would blog as long as nobody got hurt. A few months ago I was led to believe that someone I cared very much about was being harmed because of my activities with I HeArTE JADE. I felt I couldn’t, with good conscience, continue to update. I never would have guessed that I would become a victim of my own con, nor that I would be mulcted in such a way by Law Enforcement, but, like most folks, I’ve been conditioned to believe whatever handsome men with shiny badges in positions of authority tell me. You’d think I’d know better by now. Ha! Fortunately I’ve deduced the entire thing was capital B capital S, thus… hello again! At the moment expect sporadic entries.

Hmm... what else is there to share?

I have continued throughout to periodically post on my VSP site. Well, hell, I never implied I would abandon my other projects. By the way, if there’s a Virginia State Policeman out there who isn’t deceitful or a moron or a coward, or, worse, all three, I’d love to talk to him. I have arrant faith he indeed exists. Somewhere.

On 03/29/2011, the fantastically sexy Granville Fields was cited in Charlottesville for reckless driving. Do you know how bad what he did had to be for that to happen?! Naturally he got himself a lawyer, Jessica Phillips, and probably, much like former Albemarle County Policeman Eric Kudro did when he was charged with the same, he’ll get out of it. His next court date is scheduled for 06/02/2011, 9:05AM.

Speaking of cutie Kudro, last word I got on him was that his resignation from the ACPD stemmed from his refusal to submit to a random drug test. Since he does have a bit of a reputation as a “partier,” I’m inclined to buy this as a valid explanation.

The Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force has only minimally made the news during my down time. I’m not convinced the stuff is at all worth mentioning, although any reference to JADE boosts my stats.

I am dying for a new scanner. The ones I’m eyeballing cost the big bucks, which means I may actually die before I accumulate the necessary funds.

Last and least relevant, I’m plumb gaga over The Voice. Plus SouthLAnd, in all its killerism, has been renewed for another season -- hoorah!