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JADE Greene News

Man wanted in wake of Greene homicides now in custody
May 2011

A Charlottesville man wanted in connection with a May 3 home invasion in Stanardsville was arrested Sunday night.

But Greene County sheriff’s officials have not charged Taybronne Altereik White, 26, in connection with the shooting deaths of three people found less than an hour after and less than two miles away from the home invasion scene on Ford Avenue.

Greene County Sheriff’s Maj. Randall Snead has said in previous interviews that the home invasion is connected to the triple homicide, but he declined to provide more detail.

White was joined by family members when he turned himself over to members of the Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement Task Force in Charlottesville on Sunday night, said Charlottesville Police Sgt. T.V. McKean. White was then turned over to Greene County detectives who had been looking for him since Wednesday, Snead said.

Anyone with information in the home invasion or the triple homicide can call the Greene County Sheriff’s Office at 434-985-2222 or Crime Stoppers at 434-989-2110.