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Eric Kudro Is No Longer One Of My Favorite Albemarle County Police Department Officers.

Because Eric Kudro is no longer an Albemarle County Police Department officer.

He and another ACPD policeman, David Moody, simultaneously recently up and resigned from the force.

Rumors -- from the perfectly plausible to the plainly preposterous -- about their emergent departure are rampant, and with everybody participating in the gossip, it’s doubtful anybody is ever going to get to the whole truth. Near as I’ve gathered, it’s just another squalid mess in which the innocent are mostly the only affected.

Whatever the deal, due to this latest stunt of his, I’ve lost a significant piece of site-filler. It’s totally the equivalent of having an awesome character on a favorite teevee show killed off. Thus…
Dear former Officer Kudro,

Please join the Virginia State Police.

That is all.