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Separation Of Site And State

I was trying to avoid it. Really I was. Really. But all this Virginia State Police stuff? Is massively cluttering up I HeArTE JADE. A site which is theoretically about JADE and I. Or to be grammatically correct: JADE and me. Sure VSP ties into the “I” part. Though not since the days of Bureau of Criminal Investigation Special Agent Jason Trent -- I believe he still drops by here occasionally -- has the State Police been involved with both me and Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement enough to make a valid connection on my niche of the ‘net. Even then I classified the tunnel-visioned Trent and his affiliated department as Secondary. And hola accumulation, the gobs of VSP-pertaining junk that hasn’t been posted on iheartejade! Hence I broke down and done did it. I’ve given them a place of their very own. Yuh-huh. The Blue and Gray, as seen and experienced by yers truly.