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From: Free Email Service
Date: Sun, Feb 21, 2010 at 1:18 AM
Subject: From a fan

[H]i! I am a fan of your site, I just wanted to offer some constructive criticism. If the site is supposed to be about JADE, why are you spending so much time on boring regular uniformed cops? Just wondering b/c I really dig the JADE stuff but really could care less what a low level uniform cop does in his free time. Sorry I had to send this from an anonymous site, but I have seen your capabilities and really just wanted this to be a one way email, ya know?

Aww… bless your little heart; you’re just trying so hard, aren’t you officer? All right, all right, I’ll remove your name(s) and picture from that entry. Now you run along and play in traffic or whatever else it is a “boring” or “low level uniform cop” does. Hugs!