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I Don’t Know Whether To Laugh Or To Laugh

I definitely believe members of Law Enforcement, on the whole, are smarter than average. I think they have to be. The ability to learn and retain, not to mention put into practice, all that’s required for them to do their job absolutely takes a heftier than norm IQ. However, I also believe, as intelligent as officers are, they are not above doing strangely dumb things. Bearing that in mind, it’d take some pretty strong evidence to convince me that a policeman would himself go to reddit and beg for a DOS attack on I HeArTE JADE. Nevertheless, I would not put it past one to ask a histrionic buddy of his to do it for him. Especially if his prior attempt to access my photo host backfired.

Whatever the deal is, what I mostly wonder about it is this: if my reposting images from Facebook is equivalent to “targeting our traffic cops for murder” wouldn’t that in turn mean those same so-called traffic cops must be suicidal, since they’re the ones who published their pictures in the first place?