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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

“Know what I’d do if I were JADE?”

The reclining target of my question keeps his eyes closed but moves his head half an inch to show he’s listening.

I drum a polished pink nail lightly on the heap of assorted documents I’ve been going through. “If I were JADE, I’d change the way the Task Force files and papers look so that I’d know if I -- ya know, me -- was puttin’ up pictures of old stuff or new stuff.”

My companion laughs hardily. I love his laugh.

I elucidate. “An extra line here, a different graphic there. Rework the case file cover sheet. Maybe use a heart paper punch? Seriously though, just one little unnoticeable modification would be all it’d take.”

Now animated he sits up. “That’s what they do in the military.”

“Yeah?” My attention is somewhat elsewhere. An idea for the site sprung in my head; I’m plucking out some of the items in front of me.

“Yeah” he says. “To find out who’s leaking the info.”

I realize what he’s getting at, pause and frown. “Oh.”

“Yeah. ‘Oh’ is right.” He stands, takes his time neatening, zips his uniform. “What are you up to?” he asks coming over to look at my now finished spur-of-the-moment project.

I pick up the camera, smile mischievously, and point. “Ima post pictures of these old things.”

He responds with a robust laugh as he heads out the door back to work. I do love his laugh.