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Oh, bother!

Upon my release I moved all, and I do mean all, my JADE junk to what I now affectionately refer to as the “stash house.” Because the delightfully spiteful Special Agent Jason Trent’s practice of returning seized items was questionable, it’s also where anything and everything new goes.

While this second-party storage arrangement is a good way to prevent theft, loss, damage, a fresh court order, it’s extremely inconvenient!

I mean it used to be whenever I, say, wanted to know if a certain Task Force Officer met with a specific Confidential (ha, ha) Informant, I could just instantly grab a notebook and match dates and times. Now I have to travel elsewhere, in addition to surreptitiously coordinating with the aphrodisiacal guardian -- thus increasing the risk of him being identified. When information I could’ve had in five seconds takes me like five hours to get, it just plain ol’ bites.

Which is why these days I scrap a lot of ideas I have.