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Cyber B&E

So in response to my Facebookin’ post, an Albemarle County police officer tried to crack my image hosting account.

Really, dude? I mean, really?

These policemen actively participate in a massive social network on the world wide web then act as if their privacy is violated when someone calls attention to it? It’s ridiculous. Literally side-aching laugh-out-loud ridiculous.

Lemme clue you in, Mr. ACPD darlin’ -- that’s right I do know who you are, ‘cause I’m all computer-savvy that way; if you object to your appearance as a mere extra on I HeArTE JADE, it’s best not to do things that’ll tempt me into giving you top billing. You see, I love playing games with guys like you. We can kind of get like that whole metaphorical “fuel the fire” thing going on. You understand, don’t ya?